i can never seem to get sick of blogging.yet again,another attemt to just start writing my thoughts’s sick that my previous attempts of writing blogs had been thwarted by some vile attempts by people to scrutinise and just comment,i just dont give a goddamn shit.say what they want…i’m writing!!!

life has never been any better.i know that some of my friends,or rather,two of my closest friends had just gone through a period of metamorphosis from being a commited partner to a singleton!my warmest cheers to the opportunity God hath given them to experience yet another change in their life!not being sadistically crude,but these two cherished individuals,possess more grit and determination in their life,than the most of those around that i know.i am happy to be associated with them.i do not have any drastic comments to share with regards to their previous ex-partners,for i choose not to an individual,am sure they had their good grounds to have called off good relationships.maybe their lack of good life managements,may have contributed to them being unable to cope with the pressures and challenges of commitments and relationships,thus succumbing to sure in years to come,these x partners of my cherished friends will mature and grow in their life insights.

taking a leaf out of a book i read,the ones left always emerge triumphany by the ones leaving.maybe it’s just the natural flow of life.when you are left,survival instincts kick in,and you tend to be better adapt in thriving.a very true example i can relate to is myself.being left by a partner of years for some trivial matters,kinda just kick the primal part of me to have a stand of conviction and make a decision.the decision proved to be something i really cherish as it spurred me to better heights.

i am having a bit of swelling pride move on from the comforts of being fed,emotionally and financially…to being a thriving individual who currently,alhamdulliah,manages life more rezki,alhamdullilah,is growing love life,is enriched with my forthcoming social life with my friends are enhanced with more experiences to share.i must say,i am happy.

tracking back,i realise with a tinge of glowing hope,that may my life be better and fulfilling.i dream of the coming years,of my small and happy family,achieving a semblance of small successes along the way.of me and my bro kai,visiting countries to watch our favourite soccer wife just dutifully taking care of the kids and the household.having friends over during the weekends.just being the happy and forward looking husband  and wise,i expect myself to be a succesfull trainer and financial planner/manager with great,fun loving clients to depend and work with.

how will i be in 3 years time when i am 30 years old?

a question that begs more harworking and more support.’s an action word!

ps:bangkok trip.up next!


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