At my wit’s end.

It is so easy for me to just say that my entries for the past few days had been a manifestation of some pent up energy. As mentioned to some of my pals. I am never personal. It’s strictly a point of view. Somehow, I feel strongly about certain things. Thus my need to just express it out.

Anyway,just another point of perspective that came to my attention or realisation is this…to hell with relationship problems. As I wanna address this solel to my three loved pals,here’s my two cents of worth. Was watching morning news and as usual,it was filled with heart wrenching,vivid images of women crying.,children scurrying around,bombs exploding everywhere and so many other miserable news. What is new anyway? My point however is this. Looking at life from a broader perspective,shouldn’t we all feel ashamed if the highlights of our typical day,is to ponder and wonder what the other philandering ex is up to or had been doing. Shouldn’t we feel a bit humbled,that while we have the so called ‘luxury’ of wailing our hearts out,asking “why” questions,people all over the world are asking the same “why” formatted questions with their life hanging in balances. Get my drift. I know some of us here have the tendency to go into that shutdown mode,when relationship matters just drfts in and lament as though the whole world is ending. Then some go into that mode of exclaiming how weary and tired you may be about going through the whole rebuilding process. My two cents worth? Just reflect for a moment and ask if you are indeed in that priviliged category of having your cries an prayers answered by God. Tell you what dearest pals,get a hold and grip your life back. Fall,bounce then run again. As illustrated in my ananlogy above,your perceived problems with bad relationships,is just a distraction at best. For all you know,yes your ex partners might be having the times of their lives,but lest you forget…God never tests his creatures than what they can afford to handle.(Which I totally agree. Had a nirvana sort of enlightenment over breakfast today. The question I asked myself was,why didn’t God send down a computer to his beloved messenger? It’s not blasphemous to say that God knew the capabilities of the human race at that time. Why send them something they can never comprehend and cope with? Evolution of knowledge began so simply with the word ‘Iqra”…which was Read! Gosh. How humbling. Is that not a basis for all of us to realise that God is so discreet yet so enlightening in governing our lives.) Talking about God,another realisation,to share…for those who exclaimed that they are in total control of their lives. Masters of ther destiny and blah…blah…blah….well,what about when you are asleep. It is so beautiful that in our creation,God had instilled a management system where at th end of the day,at that very point and moment of sleeping,life is no longer your control.It becomes God’s. Brilliant. Anyway, back to my point of contentions…my dearest friends,relax a bit about that troubled mind of yours. Compare your plight with that of an Iraqi kid maybe,geee…it does not seem too much of a problem right? Therapeutic. My tip? Watch the news. Watch Channelnewsasia. Seriously.

Ps: Then again,love is funny. Some immersed themselves in it,some just go through the motions. The stupid ones are those that just go through the motions.