Pink Nipples and Elephants.

The mystery of the pink nipples.

There are some things that transcends comprehension. Things like why my nipples are pinkish with a tinge of brown, has always astounded the better half of some of my friends’s intelligence. I truly have no answers to those claims. If it’s pink or brown or just black, so what? I cannot lick them, for heaven’s sake to know what effects the colours have on them. All I know is that I am not able to stand its erections when it’s cold.

The mystery of my nipples are as mysterious as to the obsession some of my friends have with regards to my erratic behaviour of wearing a thong or g-string when I am playing soccer. Chances are,it’s rare. But I chuckle in delight when reminded of such instances cause yes,it was weird. I don’t know why.there was a bief moment in time when wearing those things when I was on my clubbing stint,seemed hot and sexy. Or rather, it felt sexy and hot. Had this wild imagination of a hot Japanese chick just coming over, whispering deeply into my ears, breathing heavily down my neck and just asking if I needed another glass of coke. It never happened and I bet my soccer boots, it will never happen. Especially when I’m married.

A cool girl friend of mine called the other day. Out of the sudden blue. She wanted an opinion. On what, I asked. Her boyfriend, or rather, what I assume is, asked for time off twice in two weeks. She asked what my thoughts were about the matter. Innocently she asked if such remarks made any sense? My answer…

Yes! Definitely it made sense. Without any sense of remorse, I blasted the guy’s apparent lack of balls. For not having the gumption to end things off. His lack of certainty with regards to the relationship. What was he trying to do? Soften the blow of a break up by preempting my friend? By asking for a time off, was he trying to stall for time until he manages to get his balls back in his pants to say something justifiable. Or was he expecting my friend to throw in the towel first. Cause he will not? whatever it was, I was truly criticising my friend’s partner with no sense of guilt. She asked for my opinion. She got an opinion. I was perhaps being a bit personal with her, but maybe it was due to a certain small amount of innate frustration. Three such cases in a month is too much for me to comprehend. All involving my good friends. Urrgh!

It’s crude, but it’s a frank take on things. Guys like that should be impaled on stakes. The problem for me at times is knowing that sometimes, after forging good ties with the opposite sex, I can be perceived as an outlet of thoughts for them. Sometimes, it frustrates me to know the predicament they are in, yet I am not at a liberty to do anything cause, I am in a totally different dynamic and so are they. I have to be mindful and respectful of my other half. It’s just painstakingly frustrating. Just hope that there is a light for them at the other end of the tunnel.

You know, there are times when someone raises an eyebrow when I tell them that my favourite genre of books are those self improvement types. But they failed to realise that the knowledge gained from these pages are just priceless. Some people when undergoing certain stresses or pressures, smokes, goes clubbing, goes on a drinking binge, cut their hair, get a tattoo, have flings or whatsoever not. When it is so far better to read, pray or just unwind on a holiday. Pick up a book on life management or something. It is so sad, that should one day,your kids were to go through the same angst and agony,the best you can say is,”I know what you are going through son!”Yet you do not have an efficient coping method for him to follow.

On this note too, I should just comment on the current craze on entrepeneurship,with our Malay society. I say, forget about those damn things until the society manages to be self reliant from within. What I mean is, adequate life skills. Entrepeneurship is not about the ability and capability to draw up fanciful business plans, learning simple cash flows and marketing stuffs. It’s a deviant route to paint a picture of such to kids. Yes, entrepeneurship has its merits. I am a great believer in it. But, why the sudden commercialization of the issue. Everyone is into entrepeneurship. Would love to see the news one day,”Kid commits suicide because entrepeneurship venture failed!” I am exaggerating but my point is,get the basics the personality and will of the individual first. Make the person have the desired qualities of a entrepeneur. You need that as the basis principle of a venture. The individual. Entrepeneurship is just a technical tool that can be learned over time with experience. But personality needs to be bred and cultivated. Look at our Prophet p.b.u.h. He did not start a business immediately. He worked for others first,build his credibility as a person of sound judgement and honesty,get contacts and then establish it out on his own. Not the other way round. If being an entrepeneur craze freak is a way of saying that our society is progressing,what a damn pity. When people are already talking about philanthropy, we are just getting started. Damn.

The recent killing case at Whampoa involved a Malay guy. Tabloid news. Read the storyline. Anything surprising? Same storyline. Such families need help. Yet we are not quick enough to detect anything amiss? It’s a disease. The disease of the society. Sigh. Jail terms. Financial problems. Working in undesired locations. Adulteries. Abandoned children. Unwilling families. What else is new? In a progressive society, such pre civilisation problems still happen. I thank Allah for the good company of a healthy family and friends around.

I’m getting sleepy. Maybe that’s why I’m getting more bitchy. Let me sleep. Gotta find my nipples…zzzzzzz.

Ps: Pink nipples are an urban legend. Mine’s not totally pink. At least that’s what I think after checking it out in the mirror.