dear hijazi,you are such a smashing bloke.not only are you charming,you are also the wittiest guy i’ve ever met…

signed with lotsa lust,

your Numero Uno fan.

it’s hard to say exactly how one might feel if he or she were to receive a fan mail such as that.i’ve never received one,but hey…everyone can dream.talking about lust,i have this ultimate lust with the new manchester united jersey.the way it clings sexily on a well toned body,makes me drool with admiration.the fact that my body is probably on its way to the desired sculpt and definition makes the purchase so much more enticing.

anyway,today whislt walking alng the old block of flats behind my office in the morning,i saw this frail and hunched elderly chinese lady bending down faithfully to feed a can of tunas to 3 cats.the reflection i got upon seeing that was about how rezki or sustenance is indeed promised.even cats get their fair share of sustenance wihout probably working for it.people always asked me why the non muslims can be so wealthy?people like bill gates,sim wong hoo and blah…blah…are all freaking answer to that is to look at the amount of fortune they had given back to society in gratitude.our muslims somehow fail to realise this,or rather a certain quarters in our malay society fail to see the recent news on the lavish wedding blah…blah as reported in the newspaper.the last quote left me bemused…"…this is to show that malays can do it if they want to…etc"the statement is’s just that…to be highlighted that you had spent a whooping amount of wealth for a wedding denotes a lack of foresight.look at the society in general…if you are the exception to the common mat or minah,justify that by bringing good and benefits to the masses.why not have an article about someone splurging that money on philanthropy.donation it seems,is beyond them.poor them.

anyway,all’s well if they choose their aths of contention.they created their wealth,they deserve to spend it in whatever way’s just unfortunate that no asatizah’s bothered to write a comment on that.people were more busy on the mundane technicalities of the HOTA.cannot help but feign the ignorance.if one chooses to ponder on the mosquitoes of a problem and fail to highlight and think about the elephants of the issues,what can we ever do.

ramadhan’s approaching.i’m pregnant with bated anticipation.soemow without realising on a conscious level,i am approaching 27 years of age.damn.i’m old.gone were the days when i can cite being young as the reason for being unfaithful or just plain know,somehow…temptations of the skin kind nowadays are just so damn…frank,outright and plain.cleavages fill my eyes every morning without fail,and that is the beauty of public transport.once the vespa or rx8 is on sight,i’m gonna miss the public was funny how this morning,a malay girl that was wearing a plunging neckline showcasing ample bosoms had a heaving time trying to pull her blouse up,as scores of beady eyes ogle on her.pity her.misake number one was to wear that plunging neckline.mistake number two was to sit down in a crowded train ride.god bless her.


life has gotten a bit stale.need a new challenge.thinking of getting into modelling.what say you?

ps:selfish indulgence always brings about a demise of integrity.