my knee and me…

past two weeks had been kinda start off,i had a foothold in my august production month with quite a substansial amount of cases fact it was welcoming to at least have myself be in the top 10 producing planners even if it was on just a momentary basis.prior to that,on the eve of national day,i had my humorous and speech evaluation contest was nerve wrecking,because frankly,i had no speech contents to be presented.well,somehow,marriage and relationships became my core idea and i expounded further on told by a member of the audience,"jaz,you were brilliant.marriage and poking fun at yourself are essentially perfect ingredients for a humorous session."guess,i delivered satisfactory enough cause i bagged the champion trophy.if preparation was the problem for my speech contest,then it must be nerve that hindered me during my evaluation my bro pointed out,i was not at my optimum best during the evaluation.i agreed with him.i had been better.but somehow,with the grace of luck and God,i bagged the champio trophy for the evaluation usual,i was happy with my accomplishments,but i am always happier that my bro and myself got ourselves a trophy to bring home.that’s all that mattered.

last week,my dreaded nightmare came true.i’ve always had this creepy vision that i will bust my knee badly one fine day.truth be told,it happened during the last league match of the season.the snapping sound in my knees confirmed my worst fears and tryuly compounded my misery.the inability to walk came foremost to my mind.the process of healing and its duration made me feel sorry for myself.the words "i told you so…" echoed like some deathly cries.but i knew the pain at last.i felt vindicated somehow.there was this moment though when as i was dropping off from my bro’s bike,that i lost the footing on my right knee and fell abruptly.the excruciating pain can only be described as hollow.a blank emptiness filled my mind.i was barely moving for a was pain of the highest order in the lines of injuries that i’ve ever had.i’ve broken my fingers,collar bone and lost a meniscus here and there,but the pain i felt was totally something else.

anyway…on a good note.i learned a few valuable health pointers from my bro.he’d been through such an event and thus the experience was helpful for me.

august is ending soon…it’s a good month.