my whines…

Relaxed. That is how I feel right now. The calm,splattering sounds of rain drops outside coupled with the soulful serenade of the Arabic nasheed I just purchased,just blows me into that imaginary mind frame of sitting by a window in a wooden house somewhere peaceful and serene. Been a long time since I just felt a radiant overwhelming glow of peace within. And to think I am just in the confines of my small room. It’s the rain, I believe.

I purchased a book from Toko Warisan yesterday evening. Entitled Yajuj & Majuj. For the uniniated, this two components are essentially the prescribed signs of doomsday. Meaning, that the appearance of these races will signify the coming of the End of Days. I truly wonder,if there is anyone out there who might have the same keen interest as me in these areas. Somehow,the ignorance of knowledge is so saddening to note. People nowadays are more preoccupied with the pursuit of earthly/academic knowledge that sometimes does not make sense at all in terms of relevance. I am an advocate of lifelong learning,but one might wanna take heed also on the various aspects of knowledge. Anyway, this small book entails the works of a ‘ulama who had painstakingly travelled the world,in order to unravel the significance behind this prophecy. The prophecy says the walls of Dzulkarnain will tumble and these two tribes/races of people will come forth pouring into the world,creating destructions and mayhems all around. The question is,where is this wall and who are these so called tribes? Painstakingly, with chiling evidences, we are made to realise that the aforementioned prophecy is already fulfilled. I shall leave the intricate details,but it will be wise to note that yes,the prophecy is indeed being fulfilled. Frighteningly so.

But of course, why should we worry? We are not in the business of needing to know such stuffs? Right? Well, maybe not. Ignorance has its price. The recent rally by the PM created a fanfare of discussion. Within the Malay Muslim community,much was discussed,with the integral component of money being constantly mentioned. I hate to always be that sorta anti malay mentality sorta maverick,but for heaven’s sake,why did a stupid question such as “how can I afford to go for hajj,if the Government delays my retirement payout?came question is…

1. where in the world did the obligation of performing the hajj fall on the age bands of 52 years old and above?

2. why are we banking on the cpf payouts to supplement the affordability of such an obligation,when one,in their younger days scooted around the globe,to bangkok,batam,us,australia and so forth without batting an eyelid? Malay Muslims are majorly trapped between two indulgences. Firstly, is the perceived security and comforts of an employed job. True. It’s the essence of a society. An economy runs on such systems of an employer-employee dynamics. But, it cannot run in that sense for everyone. Scary shit is when every boy-man goes through the ranks of national service and then proclaim allegiances to the monthly payments of signing on. Being a teacher/nurse/cisco officer/etc may also be ‘the’ way of stability. No qualms about that. But the big worry is about the stagnantion of mind for progress. Being in those jobs should be ‘the’ platform to catapult an individual to be the best par excellent model in the industry. Rather than confine yourself to a pay package which is predetermined by the general industry consensus? It does not make sense. If you are in the career as mentioned, from the intention of passion and sincerety, I hope and pray that one has the vision and foresight to wanting to achieve further than that. If you are a teacher…be the best teacher that other folks in other countries will seek out for. Not be the premier elite in your satisfactory neighbourhood primary school. I believe some of my friends in the teaching industry deserve and will demand the needed economic validation for their prowess and innate quality,and not settle for mediocrity. A $3k pay packet a month,is what the rich indonesian gives out for zakat,each month. I’m not kidding.

Back to the issue of the government’s call on the need to raise retirement age,I say,why should people grumble and act in disbelief. You play on the turf,you play by the rules. One should have anticipated,such a legislation or policy to come into place. What’s so surprising? You mean,you wanna serve in the government sector,get small promotions along the way,and then given the golden handshake later on when you are deemed surplus? Come on. Or worse still,expet your children to feed you? They have their own financial battles up in their hands. Read the news. Malay-muslim society are still grappled by teenage problems. How parents-children relationships are to be enhanced and so forth. It’s so passe. Why such an intense focus and need for those neverending sexuality programs. You leave society to take care of your children? When it comes to financial programs,every pakcik makcik flocks to those “how to get rich” programs.It’s excellent initiative without a doubt,but as I always affirm,why create something you cannot protect?ie:need for insurance. I’m always given the rejection nod when it comes to financial protection by families who do not see it as a priority. Pity their families. When I explain about retirement planning,they laugh off my suggestions for the purchase of an annuity. Look who is laughing now with the Government’s proposed compulsory purchase of an annuity for everyone. The secret towards building a house,is in knowing where to place the door,and when to place the roof. Think about it.