just some updates…

I learned a fair bit about myself the other day. When I try too hard, I tend to stumble and fall. When I have no realistic expectation, or just feeling swelling confidence about myself, I tend to achieve my usual dose of achievements. The Area Humorous Speech Contest held on Saturday illustrated clearly the visible evident of why trying too hard and trying very hard is almost too close a call in the framework of success. Anyway, heartiest of congatulations to Hijazi for having won the best Area S7 Evaluation Contest and coming in 2nd Runner’s Up for the Humorous Segment. I am not taking part in next year’s session. I am contented for now with the 9 trophies I’ve got at home over the one year of involvement in the Toastmasters Arena.

It is not wrong to note that I’ve been feeling a bit over positive and zealous towards my approach the past two weeks. I attribute it to the excellent seminars I’ve been attending which were incidentally free of charge.

My first wonderful seminar was “How to be a People Magnet” by Christian Chua. He’s a printer maverick who apparently made it big. He proclaims himself as


’s People Magnet. Such ingenuity. Why didn’t I think of that tagline? That short workshop was an eye opener. The simplicity of it all was on the basis of likability. In order to be interesting,be interested. About not having preassumptions of people and a lot of other Magnetips. The gist of the workshop was so simple that I aplied its principles almost immediately after that. As I recounted to my bro, I’ve given out more namecards over the past two weeks than I did on the whole of last year. In fact, I’ve chatted up al the taxi drivers I’ve been in touch with and gave a short financial advice to a few blokes,namecards included. I’ve broken ice in elevators. The wonders of seeing things in a new light. A breakthrough.

The ensuing Monday had me attend my company’s training session over two days. The first day was excellent with a half day seminar by Jill Lowe. A lady who had done 25 years of image consulting. What I learned was priceless. Between what you love to wear, and what someone sees,is what we call a window of opportunity. You get your image wrong,you’ll probably lose the opportunity along the way. Excellent stuff. Hairstyles was such a highlighted subject. I know that with the right budget,I’ll sure look into having my image revamped big time. To be a success,dress he part. How apt.

Second day of the training was inspirational. Dr William, a paraplegic,qualified neurosurgeon, world record holder was there to give his take on how to lead a purposeful life. One cant help but say the following…”If that disabled guy has so many abilities that brings him semblances of success and happiness,what about me?” I felt that way. He has a book written to his name.Damn.

On Thursday, I attended a short seminar on sales. Blair Singer,the Rich Dad Poor Dad advisor and author of Sales Dog,was introducing a new business scheme that allows people the opportunity to be a sales trainer. Damn.I did not have $30K to blow on that damn franchise. But I will one day. I love his take on business and success. YOU HAVE GOT TO SELL!!! Selling apparently is the only job that allows you to be a multi millionaire. But it’s true apparently. Think about it.