The secret…

Earlier today I caught the movie “invasion” starring the ever delicious nicole kidman as its main cast. I caught it alone in the afternoon. Kinda bored. Heh. There was an old auntie and a Chinese couple accompanying me. The one thing that got me enthralled was the promise of zombie like creatures filling up the screen time. Those of you who knows me intimately know that it is my childhood fantasy to slaughter zombies. Something about mindless,slumbering humans just appeals to me. Anyway,I got a treat. Visual treat that is. I caught nicole kidman looking bedazzling as a single mother who wakes up wearing a white tight t shirt,without the bras on. Hehe. It was a pleasant afternoon treat,considering I was fasting. I swear I caught it accidentally. Oooh…perky,perky.

Anyway,the movie kinda confirmed my suspicions about a global conspirancy. The movie highlighted a viral kinda infection that affected people’s neuro system,that’s brain,for the uninitiated. With all the chemically manufactured food being dished out to us,who knows just what kinda organisms lay ticking within our bodies. People are perhaps dying a slow painless death. How did the viral infection spread themselves? By vomit being spewed onto chocolate mocha. I’m not kidding. It was sick. The moral of the story…from my perspective? If you cannot beat them,join them.

Talking of which,I also had a wonderful session of arcade race car driving. What is a 27 year old dude doing in the arcade playing cars? Well,I’m a poor Malay chap you see. I cannot afford a $88,600 Mazda RX8,so I reprieve my fantasy on the tracks of


,drifting and beating the gear and tail lights of unknown rivals. The adrenalin rush came from the fact that I spent $10 each time,cursing my rivals,traveling at 300km/h and not getting stopped by nonsensical traffic lights for every 70 metres of upward gear shifts. The thing about cars as noted in today’s Berita Harian is that,people can afford them. Just look at the report. Business was overwhelming. More than 4 cars are sold per week at of all places,heartland Ramadan bazaars. So retail car shoppers now buy their cars just by their homes. Wow! You pay say $1,and you’ll drive away with a minimum $30++k car loan for the next 10 years. The other day I heard a conspired,tiresome middle aged lady exclaiming how her future son in law is driving them around. Such a lucky lady. I love the word “future”. It gives you that sense of hopeful goodness,don’t you think? “Ooooh,my daughter is so lucky. Snagging a bloke who drives. He’ll be able to drive me to the market,wedding invitations…blah,blah.” Heheh. I love the uncensored optimism. Imagine the drive towards an old folks home. Must be scenic. Is Jazi bitching about Malays and their cars? Of course not. I’ll get a car of my own insya Allah. It is a convenient piece of transportation. Maybe I’ll get a $16,800 Cherry QQ for starters. Hehe. As my bro mentioned,it’s the functionality. Then when I feel like showing off in my thirties,I’ll get my Mazda. Haha. I’m just tweaked with the passe and obnoxious state of status symbolisation. What’s the fuss my dear comrades/parents in laws to be/disillusioned folks/short sighted individuals? Cars are not a symbol status. It does not even reflect adequately your financial stability. It serves its functional purpose,yes.My manager,a Malay 50+ chap,pays $3k a month in cash to finance a $1.2 million mortgage for his house. He takes taxi. Damn. My district manager,spends $10k++ monthly,on property investments. And we,are exclaiming a $600/monthly instalments on a depreciating liability,as a status symbol? Oh please.

It is hard to disseminate such selfless thoughts to the masses. I mean who will wanna listen to a crapping 26 year old who is still struggling with the conventionality of life. The only thing I have going for me is my unwavering self belief that somehow,it will turn out right for me. I understand how things work. I see the biggest picture then I’ll dissect it slowly like a surgeon on his first day at work. People ask me what my interests are and I tell them,psychology and finances. Why? Because I foresee that in times to come,these two areas will be issues the community will be grappling with. Our community in particular. No offence man,but I feel that we ought to look at things from the bigger sense. Just the other day,whilst awaiting my turn for the ordering of my clothes,I overheard a conversation of pricing negotiations. For a Hari Raya combo clothes,these families are splashing almost $1k above. Amazing but true. Let’s not even get into wedding expenses. The price of a wedding nowadays can bring my mother to perform her umrah twice.”Never mind lah. Wedding comes along once in your life. You should celebrate.” Says the wedding planner and unassuming parents. Come take my money,they call out. It’s okay if I do not get to see the Kaabah now. Later my children will send me to


when I’m old. Or perhaps I will go when I get my CPF money. *sigh* What CPF money,pakcik makcik oi…? We need an Anthony Robbins or Adam Khoo of the Malay community to rev up the ridiculous old age mentality of some folks. I mean,progressively,we Malay parents are savvy enough to equip our kids with computer knowledge,handphone and more tuition,and not forgetting that odd once a week religious studies. We need a progressive revolution of minds. The minority in our society are flourishing but will they step forward to lend a progressive hand? Perhaps. But they too are aware that their contributions are limited. Just the other day,almost a whole week was dedicated by the Berita Harian,by reporters and commentators,on the issues of ‘cashbacks’ on CPF investments. Oh how the poor Malays ranted and lamented about how they were cheated and so forth. My bloody take is…there will be no supply if there was no demand. Why the outcry like some whining folks? Get educated. Get information. Be informed. That’s the way to prevent such affairs. You know how to order the “Sensasi” channel on SCV,and yet you cannot read the fineprints or documentations of regulations. Ignorance has its price. Do not be so unassuming and cry foul when things go wrong for you. Be accountable. You get cheated because you are gullible. Period.

At the end of the day,we need to take a hard look at ourselves. The man in the mirror is almost always right. The parallel universe is not some ideal or idea. It is real. As newton’s law of motion states,for every action,there is an equal or greater reaction. Like me,if you have complaints about finances or life…roll up your bloody sleeves and work on it. Not sulk like some pouting bitch. It does not help.


is a growing metropolitan. One either shapes up,or one ships out. There is no social security welfare scheme to carry you off from the streets into the havens of death awaiting. You are just a name on a birth and death certificate to the masses and registrar. You wanna whine and make a radical impact,have a big mindset. That’s the only way. As I’ve always highlighted,you are either a digit in the statistics number…or you are the benchmark. You decide.

So,if one is contented with the $2k a month home kinda thingy,good for you. You are probably driving a car,have an engagement,planning to get married in max 2 years,planning to get a degree or higher education,planning to purchase a flat in 3 years time,planning to go on that yearly holiday trips with your loved ones,year end bonus permitting,have some insurance and investment policies lying around,and just looking forward to your off days so that you can have time with families,making sure bills are paid on time and awaiting someone above you to die in his sleep so that you can be promoted…you are indeed living the life. I mean,that sure beats the life of say someone like Martin Luther King,Mother Theresa,Henry Ford,Mahatma Gandhi…or just perhaps someone like Terry Fox or William Lim. I mean,that’s how life is supposed to be lived right? Predictably. The prospect of living to an ideal or purpose is scary. What will my parents say? What will my comparing aunts and uncles say? What will my comparing cousins say? What will my partners think? I should just be an everyone or someone to all. I should never be myself.

You are just a digit,if you are not the benchmark.