finally be in love

Someone I dated once asked me the perennial question.”jaz,where do you see yourself going with regards to us?”being the eloquent jerk that I was,I said,”married to you with two kids,happily.”I think that answer just blew the whole lid of surprise for that poor girl,because obviously things did not fall through as I would have expected.the twisted truth is,I should have answered the contrarion answer,”I don’t know.perhaps,still our lives happily as two successful individuals,still dating though.why should soulmates settle for something as marriage?”then,I think my chances would have risen higher like the stock indexes.women,as highlighted,are queer a man,i now realise that,when I have an air of unexpectancy and irregularity,it will just short circuit the brain wiring of a woman.the woman’s instincts need to have that primal exercise.the example above showed that by being predictable in my answers,I had just eliminated my chances.because at the back of her mind,she would have sized me up and decided if I was just giving an answer,or deciding on an answer.if I had given the second alternative as a response,I’m sure things would still be okie between us.hehe.i saw a book at borders the other day entitled,”why men marry bitches.”I should write a compelling take on “why women settle for jerks.”

A close female friend noted a word of caution about some entries of mine which she felt was just perhaps a biased take on how women chose their partners.she mentioned that perhaps there are those out there who dream of their dream man,and would have successfully gotten him.i gently reminded my friend that yes,such things do happen and I shall not deny that.i’ve always maintained that my take is always on the generalisation of the point of contention is always on the issue at hands,not an individual’s experience of any was a funny conversation because my friend probably felt that i was specifically highlighting her and her failing quests of finding the right one.i did tell her that I am an advocate of that law of write down specifically what kinda person you want in details,chances are,by some divine intervention,you will get that kinda partner.but it is an exception in most cases.i always tell this particular friend of mine,about the law of attraction,being mentioned in the a form of dua,that is.ask and you shall only opinion is on the matter of whether you qualify to ask.”dear God,I want such and such qualities and traits in a husband/wife…amen.”you do that everyday and still it does not come true.reason?you are not a practicing muslim lah.hehe.go and read the book,”the secret” by ronda bhyrne.laws of attraction works in tandem with immaculate religious connotations.don’t tell me siti nurhaliza wrote in her journal that her dream man was to be a married man with heavy moustache.

Dear diary,

I hope that my dream man is someone who is married with two kids. I hope that when he finds and loves me,he will consider divorcing his wife. I hope he is old enough to be called my uncle..



Just my apologetic take on choosing a dream wife was always jessica biel, it’s understandably fine if some of you were offended by one of my entries.hehe.i would have too.damn you hijazi.are you trying to tell me I can’t have my prince charming?i did not say that.i just said that there are too many princesses hoping for that same kinda prince nowadays.switch the story and kiss a frog that turns into might come true.

I watched the silly series of rara bazaar where they highlight entrepreneurs of our society and give them mindless challenges to test their business acumen.i felt sorry for the contestants.i do not know if they learned anything out of that experience,cause as a viewer,I certainly did was funny calling a guest judge to impart knowledge and judge the contestants on the area of advertising through commercials,when in actuality,this bloke has never even advertised his own franchising come on,spare the idiosyncrasies and madness,and add credibility and substance.dont invite for the sake of mum was cuter when she nonchalantly remarked,”why is that guy a guest judge.he did not even pay his workers properly.just ask your auntie.”hehe.i take no responsibility for that comment,but I found it hilarious.

“there’s just too much that time cannot erase…”-my immortal

sometimes,it feels a bit hypocritical to offer the word of suggestion to friends who needed a listening ear,with the remarks,”’ll get over it.”the truth is,at times,moving on is a crawling struggle.sometimes I’m asked,”can I move on?am I moving on?should I move on?”to the inexplicable,”I cannot move on.”my personal belief,that in such instances,whether one realises it or not,we are moving on.the rate and pace differs with depends on the intensity of the wounds,it will naturally’s just how long it’ll take to heal,depending on the severity and depth of the cut.that’s why I always say,”you’ll get over it.”it’s insensitive I know,but the practical truth is that.nature cannot allow stagnant entity.survival mechanism sets in even if one chooses to not move self development,you know that people advocate the power of’s true that the coignitive choices you make can help the moving and healing process become faster.conscious choices are like applying alcohol on the wounds and dressing it.the key to self healing is natural progression added with conscious everyday decision making.i know it sound funny,but waking up in the morning and deciding to be happy will go a long way.i always made it known crudely to my sad friends who were caught up in the self pity of sadness and remorse.”why think about him/her at this moment.for all you know he/she might be making love with another.”it’s exaggerated and rude,but,for the benefit of my lovely friends I just had to be drastic in my response and give a differing perspective.if you were in IMH,they’ll probably jab you with a dose of’s the same diagnosis.hehe.i learned this lesson the hard way.your thoughts are with him/her…he/she is basking in the glory of another’s company.silly fool.that’s why my adage in life is always,be happy first,then make people yourself first,then love people.for every 10 people you meet,8 are probably useless as purposes.the remaining 2 are worth encounter one of the 8,you move on’s a numbers game.there are billions of hijazi would have said,”why cry over one cheating/idiotic/shameless/maniacal/unworthy malay girl/guy,when I’ve not even known the beautiful and sexy brazilian giselle bundchen lookalike over at rio de janeiro at the other side of the world?or the degree educated lebanese in the bath kinda girl?or the bespectacled consulting executive working in the city districts of new york?”you get my drift.rather than dream about that dream partner,go and source it out.make it an interesting journey of discovery.why content yourself with the





fun loving



love kids



and other wanted traits in a SINGAPOREAN MALAY?

Go out there in the world my friends. Those out there are humans too. Chances are they are exactly like you. Only speaking a different culture. Haha. And when you do get the One,tell and share the story of glory. Then that’s a life. Worthy of blogging materials to last in your sixties,retirement and beyond. It’s just an idea anyway. Hehe.