the slow and frustrated…

Obviously,my take this time around is on the contrast of “the fast and the furious”.have you ever noticed how there are some within your social circle whose purpose in life is just to perhaps whine,bitch or just plain walk around with a capital agony written on their foreheads.the ones I literally call,emotional bloodsuckers.they will ask you,”how’s your day?”,and then knowing that you will then ask back in kind,they will just wait with bated anticipation,cause when you do ask,they will immediately pour onto you a year’s amount of problems.lucky for me,I have managed to put a stake through the hearts of those I have encountered.nowadays these people are much more subdued. I had an interesting evening.visited my old institute of technical education,Dover.reason?i had an invitation as an evaluator by ITE’s toastmaster.such a lovely thing to be walking through the hallowed walkway.a flush of bittersweet memories just came rushing out.ITE was a defining institute of education.i am morally inclined to say that I owe much of my learning curves from that stint of two years.the thing that I finally realized now is that I am not an idiot.i mean,intellectually.back then the stigma was just too much.internal bro was in poly getting his departed girlfriend was in jc,and so were scores of acquaintances and loved ones.why the hell was I sent to the pits of hell,I thought.but upon retrospection,I am who I am now,because of what I went through.transformation of beliefs.the recent blog entry by my bro,highlighted a poignant fact about circumstances.the thing is shit happens.parents die,people go bankrupt,businesses go bust and other doomsday events.but that’s the’s just meant to be that play the cards that you are dealt with,cause most of the times,you don’t get yes,I am with the self development and constant improvement.the thing about me is that,I get tired of sorry people feeling sorry for just cannot be like that anymore.the social dynamics will strangle people who are still fiddling with their sorry nooses.just a small example,I went to visit a client at his primary school just recently at was almost over while some of the kids were awaiting for their supplementary’s my observation.perhaps biased,but it’s your own opinion to gather.two distinct was,just sitting with their books on the tables.another,as busy chasing cats.guess,which group were made up of our people?hehe.culture?upbringing?education?or just genetic defects?i don’t know and I don’t think thinking about it will change anything’s just my deduction from my observation.

Recent developments have made me just been tuned more acutely.i am a paranoid optimist.things like the IDR development in johor excites me.IR development worries me.state of living amazes me.i do not really understand sometimes why our Berita Harian can be so thin on news put it on the table,it’ll fly away.that’s how flimsy and thin it can be at times.just a there no worthy news and insights worth covering.yet,you put scores of adverts,opinions from industry watchers,entertainment news of kissing artistes,two day old news and a whole page dedicated for kids doodles on certain days.mindless?perhaps.what’s the gist?who’s the community movers and shakers?interestingly,one “hot” issue or topic can just make headlines for days.i’m not a journalist,but as the receiving end party,I’m just trying to gain a semblance of insight on what we are shaping out as a community?

Somehow,the thought just occurred to me that down the road,I’d really love to be a private practicing’s a dream career.financially,as a private practitioner,it’s more lucrative.i’ll charge by the’s industry norm overseas anyway.have a sigmund freud kinda set room.dull and boring with a sigmund freudian looking couch,atypical of those found in movies.i’m betting my last dollar that psychology is gonna be big.when I initially took my course in psychological and counselling studies,my relatives went aghast and exclaimed…”you will just turn out to be a psycho…”well,now,I’m just awaiting for their dollars and ‘cents’ of mind to come crawling later in my office in the near future.when they go…

Deranged: Dr Jaz…my husband had not been coming home for the past one week.

Me: Are you worried?

Deranged: A bit. He has never done such things. Do you think he is cheating on me? Me: Perhaps.

Deranged: How do you know? Me: Have you looked at yourself in the mirror recently? Deranged: No. But what has that got to do with it.

Me: Well,my honest opinion on this matter is that,my observation indicates that your breasts are sagging,your legs are hairy,your nostril hairs are not trimmed and you have bad breath.

Deranged: You F**King Son of a B****H!

Me: I know.Anyway,while you are on your way out,just tell my receptionist that the charges for this conversation is $150. We’ll have it deducted from your credit. Hope it was insightful.

Next…!!! I would really love to have a hot and suicidal lady as a client.

H&S Lady: Life has no meaning for me anymore.

Me: You mean,there was meaning before this?

H&S Lady: Yes,Doc.Now,I just don’t care.This life is worthless.

Me:Hmmm,maybe you’ve got a point there. But I cannot say the same for that body of yours. It must be worth something. Say,why not I waive the fee of this conversation,we’ll have dinner or something like that,and we can just see what happens next,after which,perhaps you can continue with what you were planning intially…deal? I’m a practical man.

Talking about practicality,has anyone seen Britney Spears? I pity her man. It’s bad enough being flabby,one has to wear a two piece for the performance. Makes me wonder if the shaving of her head and neither region had finally gotten to her. Listening to class 95 truly calms me. There is something about old love songs that just strikes an innate chord within. Hearbreaks,loss,cheatings,hope,making love,kisses,hugs,till eternity and so many other keywords that makes Google go mad. It can only happen in love songs. Some of my friend used to relate to me just how some love songs kinda resonates with their stories. It was interesting cause somehow,a song can tell you roughly the state or circumstance of the relationship. Anyway,here is the list of my top 20 love songs for all sorta relationships…

1. words by boyzone 2. on bended knees by boyz2men 3. I’ll make love to you by boyz2men 4. water runs dry by boyz2men 5. shape of my heart by backstreet boys 6. I’ll never break your heart by backstreet boys 7. forever love by gary barlow 8. this I promise you by nsync 9. gone by nsync 10. no one else comes close by nu flavour 11. stay the same by joey mcintyre 12. unbelivable by craid david 13. fixing a broken heart by wet wet we with hari hamada 14. foolish games by jewel 15. one sweet day by mariah carey an boyz2men 16. thank god I found you by mariah carey,98 degrees and joe 17. obsession by frankie j 18. back for good by take that 19. one last by jazfik batisah 20. my personal favourite…no woman no cry by bob marley.hehe.

if I could write songs,words I’ll probably include in the lyrics… 1. he’s a jerk,he’s ain’t worth the perk 2. ditch the bitch and hitch me 3. let our hearts intertwined,and our wealth in kind 4. it’s always been you,after her 5. don’t give up,try harder 6. please marry me,please commit to me 7. you are just nobody to me 8. ain’t working. 9. I can’t feel you honey. 10. you cheat,I cheat. We’re even now. 11. my guy earns make dough. 12. it’s only the two of us…plus a few others 13. please don’t leave me…for that son of a bitch 14. I thought you love me but you proved me wrong. 15. size never mattered till now 16. you’ll never see the mat in me 17. I will never leave you,unless someone better comes along 18. you make me the happiest man by leaving me 19. never say never ever 20. we were meant to be together not in this lifetime

hahaha…I’ll be a great song writer. A hybrid of jazi ajmain and jazfik batisah. Eeeeeuuuurgh. I would rather be originally Jazi David.(Craig David)Heh.