till the break of dawn…

people might wanna say a lot of things about one thing,yet they many not have the one knowledge for many things.the incredible assumption that the arrival of marriage is a happily ever after event could be at its very penultimate best,a tragedy in the making. yes,true,marriage is good.not denying that.but the ludicrous amount of fanfare generated from it is unwarranted for.i’m realizing now that marriage is a work in progress.a journey.the starting point of a marathon…but then again,perhaps i’m just being philosophical.

sometimes there is a cold chill runnning down my spine when some lingering thoughts occupy my mind.spoken words carry weight.texted messages carry significance.why is it that when you gain something,something had to give place too?but then again,is that not the science of physics?a space can at any given time be ooccupied by one matter.now that i’m happily married,i shall seek to finf my original self back.too much endeavours had been spent on finding the right one over the years.i ended up finally admitting that i should be looking for the not so right one…and over the years,make her the right one,which i am now.the trouble with the right one is the ridiculous search for the perfect one.and i realize also that there is nothing beyond perfection,only deterioration.thus,i shall be contented with my opinion that i am right in having the companionship of my lovely "not right one".hehe.

i shall continue in a day or two…my partner…Kai is calling for another male ego bashing on the xbox.i may be married…but true friends like him and my monsta sticks around.and that’s all that matters…


One thought on “till the break of dawn…

  1. ah. the law of physics.. gotta love it.. that’s why we talk about finding THE ONE, not the right one, the perfect one.. just THE ONE..

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