you know the drill.you suck your breath in,you close your eyes,you quiver your lips and count slowly…10,9,8…3,2,1…Happy New Year 2008!!!(everyone shouts in unison)i looked around.my mum was lazing on the floor,legs stretched,lamenting how Taufik looked all beefed up compared to this scrawny son of hers.my growing bro investing his precious time fiddling away on his latest acquired PSP.me,enjoying the crackers i bought whilst noting just how uncannily similar Taufik’s side profile is to mine.(note:my wife is away,so cannot comment on that)nothing much of a difference i guess.

i loved the notion of waiting 364 days and 23mins and 59 seconds,before a sense of rejuvenation sets in.in case,one notices,i’m actually in the office typing this entry out,at exactly 1806hrs.i just received a call from a toastmasters’s associate.he offered/invited me to join him in his venture of going to schools to conduct public speaking workshops.i did not mind the experience i guess,since i needed all these moments as points of leverage to get myself known.for those unaware of developments in my humble life,my bro,wifey and myself are heading on full steam for the establisment of our self development training company.in recollection,i realised that it took us(my bro and myself)almost 4 years to get headway with our venture.i know it is heading somewhere when i received text messages,asking me just how much i charge for the conducting of workshops with my team.blessed we are.i guess it’s true about entrepreneurship,that improvisation and innovation are crucial elements.at least for now,i can safely say that we have developed 4 core programs that will really put us in good stead for year 2008.

the programs are:

1.C.E.O. (Create.Engage.Optimise)


2.M.E Pte Ltd (Muslim Entrpreneur Private Limited)


3.Communication Quotient

-Public Speaking

4.Life:The Course They Forgot To Teach In School

-Self Development

And my team’s name?



Writing Destinies

i have this innate belief in the sense of purposeful destiny that provided effort is put in,this platform will catapult my team to greater heights.already,we have had talks of collaborations with other training institutes.it’s true what they say.you chase your passion…the opportunities will come.you have fun…the funds will come.

so much for starting up the year with a good foot.

earlier in the day,i met my client who finally agreed with his wife to set aside an amount of $100k for a retirement plan.alhamdullilah.when that policy goes through,it will help launch a sense of belief for me.my 2007 working year has been steady and good.keenly anticipating that this year will be greater.

in 10 days time,i’ll be speaking again at my monthly chapter meeting,after a hiatus of a month.the stiffness can be felt.competition in my club has been increasing.a good sign of progression i must say.it might be a bit out of the way to say this,but i firmly believe that my bro and myself had contributed majorly to the overall standard in the club,improving.our experiences as ambassadors of the club had generated i must say,lotsa fanfare for the visiting clubs.our dashing and charismatic take on the approaches of speaking have put us in a league of competency.i dare say that if you were to mention our names in the toastmasters arene,you will be greeted with that gleeful eye of,"yes,i know that two cheeky guys."anyway,this coming term will pit our leadership skills in becoming the exco member.good time to head on forward.contest is in march.i’ve yet to formulate a speech.

this coming month,the buzz word will be,speed.as was highlighted by someone the other day,it’s the speed of execution that determines the esssence of success.i hope to get my january month started with a gang bang of closes.this year’s conference target is Rome.ah…the italian country,where nakata plyed his trade.i wanna be there.with a $90,000 benchmark,it’s just hardwork that separates the dream and the reality.period.besides,as my manager kept insisting,make an italian baby.(ya right!)anyway…i’ve got the euro 2008 in sight.please God…allow me to make gazillion amounts of dough.let me trawl this land of yours.i may be married but please allow me the liberty of at least stepping on the turfs of old trafford and amsterdam.(hehe)

speaking of old trafford,my soccer career is almost at the sunset of its time.no longer am i the speed demon due to the tweaking knee,i am now a mere mortal of dispensability.sigh.i need to find a new club where i can be the reigning demi god again.somewhere,where the fastest player in the team is a 27 year old,tweaked knew,broken collarbone and finger player,who can wear the number 7 without prior contest of leadership.haha.any veteran teams out there?i can still dash 50m without breaking a stride.and oh yeah,i play intelligent football.i don’t see the need of running around needlessly.why sprint 200m,when my immaculate pass can dissect the red sea.wahahaha.

well,to end off on an excellent note…i’ll be 27 years old this year.old enough to be married.young enough to be enjoying life.matured enough to be considered by nubile 20 year olds.senseless enough to still drink teh tarek at coffeeshops.playful enough to spend roughly $1,200p.a on x box sessions with my bro.late enough to still not possess a single licence.early enough to plan for retirement.and definitely…still cute enough to still draw comparisons with taufik batisah.as i’ve always ascertained,there can be only one taufik and the rest are pure copypussies of jazfik.wateva!

so happy new year to all my friends and foes,single or married,happy or miserable,dead or alive. You all deserve the greatest note of inspiration and hope. if you feel life is great,you are right.if you feel life beats you down,do not look me up.the essence of simple living lies in the premise of,live today…fight tomorrow. live for nothing or at least die for something…(with an insurance policy!)


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