the way up is down…

the strangest thing about being strange is the absence of normality.okay i am bullshitting.anyway,here i am in the multimedia room of tanjong katong secondary school,typing away.the past session of workshop has been intriguing.students were keen on participating,not mentioning that i had given them strange topics to talk about.the more i looked around the more i realise that i will never make the cut to be a teacher.teach i a teacher i i had highlighted to my colleagues.i may have the passion to teach but i certainly lack the enduring patience.that’s even more inrtiguing considering that my bro is a teacher,and he lacks the patience with gals,whilst i can wait for years.but with students,he’s tolerant,where else i’ll slay students like the 9 headed hydra.

soccer over the weekend was bad.i am disappointed to say this but am disillusioned with the faculty of playing weekly on the basis of competitiveness with my current will be fair to cite my injury as the numero uno excuse,but i think the prblem lies deeper in the fact that the current team lacks a certain cohesion.old players have made their way out slowly and surely,i’ll bet my last straw that they’ll move kids trying to blood their way in think they are the creme de la creme,with the superfluous attitude of not wanting to learn.the personal glorification of knowing they can burst and zip like there is no tomorrow makes it a sickening prospect for me to play alongside them.let’s put it simply,i just do not trust the fact that they are the sorta players who’ll have my back when the going gets rough in the field.they’ll probably cower in the shrinking skirts of their accompanying girlfriends.then again,i might be bitchy.then again,i’ve been a better,fitter and wiser player in their age.cause i wanted to learn and conviction call will come this end of the nakata once mentioned in his blog…if one no longers enjoy the feel of the ball at ones feet,it’s time to move on.i’m feeling the detachment…might as well i stick to the rigours of battling it out with a bunch of thirty year olds on the field on a friday evening,imagining myself to be the premier kaka adult like me should never grow up.never never land should be ever ever land.

off the field,it’s been quite crudely wicked to hear of my bro’s encounter/skirmishes with the alternate gender alias’s a startling fact that sometimes there are some people out there who probably feel that they have the absolute divine right to go around seeking sympathy tissues through emotional scapegoat escape acts,laced with that ever nonchalant cries of,"i am the victim here,you moron!"people who drops like a timber felled by the gusts of wind yet pronounced the resolute nature of "i don’t need you,you jerk,"yet cling on the very hope of hoping that there could be hope.some of us,including myself,have encountered such individuals.emotional parasites.where our good intentions may just be sucked dry turning us into fiendish ‘pariah’ of our ownselves.on hindsight,sometimes we just have to move on from these people.they are good people.just misguided in personality and cognitively.i mean,eventually,someone will like them for who they are and marry them for who they someone famous once said,God is fair.i agree.God is fair enough to tell me or anyone that we do not deserve to be with someone like that.i cannot choose or decide for sure who likes or dislikes me,but i can definitely choose who i want to love or hate…

learning point number one:what you think people will think of you migh just come true if you think about it.

so that’s my week in a nutshell.pretty normal for a strange guy.well,being married does strange thing to a normal guy.just the other day,a girl said hello and smile at me whilst exiting the train.granted that she was not a head turner,it still was a traumatic experience for me because i am not accustomed to having people smile at me’s always me first.does being married means i’m being robbed of that privilige?aaaaargh!but it was fun.just cheeky fun to silently hope that i may still appeal to some.whilst having my break just now,a nubile angelic chinese girl just asked if she could sit beside to enjoy the cups of tea we acquainted to an 18 year old,sarah michelle gellar lookalike,trainee teacher… hahahaha!i hate being teacher,but i don’t mind knowing one.(with the consentual permission of my hopefully understanding missus…hehe)

GAME OF THE LAW: "One can proceed with a commited relationship without the hassle of trying to make the relationship commits yes bro,you can decide to settle down without thinking is she’s the right one for you.Don’t think. Decide. Cause even the right one will go away if you think for too long…you jerk!!!ahaha"



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