last night,the my club heralded its 2009 first chapter meeting.honestly and frankly,i did not prepare for my speech.the lack of a concrete storyline kinda resonated my week.i had to present a 6 to 8 minutes story,with the objectives of invoking and arousing emotions as its plot.i arrived as early as 4 pm to get myself settled and praying wishfully that i will perhaps get some ideas.i needed a story that can invoke emotions.i had the following plots…

a.guy meets girl.loves a girl for 8 years amidst his flirting ways,accused of having a relationship (eventhough,at that very point of accusation,it was proven not true,because for once,that guy did not have that relationship ).girl left guy. guy moves on amidst a sense of detachment. 8 years of emotional ride compressed over 8 minutes. possible? perhaps,but definitely tough.

b.guy knows girl from a diploma class.liked the girl.low self esteem.loses contact with girl for two years.meets the girl again serendipitously.establishes close friendship.guy gains confidence and focus.guy happiest guy in the world.guy introduces girl to a friend.friend goes after the girl.guy left with nothing.guy left with dreams of fullerton wedding.a premise for a malay soap drama?definitely.

but anyway,i settled for an unconventional story titled,"serendipity".plot b with a the end of it,girl attempted suicide,botched it up and got amnesiac.guy still left with nothing.

the poignant yet awkward situation arose last night during the evaluation,when my evaluator ended his take on the speech by asking me point blank,"do you still love her?"my dumb reply was,"..but,I’m married."it’s dumb because my bro,who turned his head to me asked the following,"are you answering the question?"( psychologically,i was disturbed )the raw truth was there for the initiated to see.haha.then again,it was just a reflex answer to diffuse the situation.earlier during the break,scores of people were asking me how that amnesiac girl was faring.some consoled me,saying just how they understood the pain i was lost in the oblivion of a twisted truth i had created.i had invoked a certain amount of emotions in the audience.unknowingly,i had invoked my inner emotions i still love her?well…of course…i’ll think about it…hahahahaha…but…i love my wife.period.let the ramblings of my inner sanctum stay as it is.undiscovered and special.

anyway,the consolation for the drama was the best speaker award,though i felt that my bro’s monologue presentation gave me a run for my money.he was superb in that element.gee…i did not know that jerk of a bro had that in him.surprising but’s just weird seeing him talking to himself.he must be hearing voices in his head.God is fair…(lol)

ooops…gotta go.back at you later.


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