I need a good sex.

Hady & Almost Singapore\'s Idol (Season 2)It has been lingering on my mind for the past week.A confession that kinda brought about an enlightened sense of,”What the fish…”.A close friend’s predicament told,led me to ask the inevitable question,”So what do you feel like doing?”The curt,bashful yet unexpected answer was,“I need a good sex!”

Truth be told there was nothing wrong with that.Everyone needs a good sex every now and then.It’s just like how I need a good game of soccer every weekend.A desirable wish but rarely achieved.

Anyway,back to the statement.The reason I was kinda hovering on that question for a while was because,I was trying to figure out visually how a good sex ought to feel like.Or in my friend’s case,the basis upon a comparison can be made between bad and good sex.I wanted to explore the subject with her,but considering the fact that I am a married man with six kids…(yah right),I had to maintain that dignified look of acceptance and blurt out,”I understand.”Fact is,what part of that statement did I understand?


If it was me,just somewhere down the year in history,my brain juices would have flowed out like the Niagara Falls,trying to find a semblance of wittiness as a retort,something like,”Did my name ever crossed your mind?”But like I said,the fallacies are no longer a luxury.As I pondered,I came to the conclusion that perhaps her journey will be littered with “good sex” experiences.You know,those fleeting sense of orgasmic release…because I personally feel that *disclaimer*all sex experiences are good.

Over the weekend,I managed to catch up with my (non existent)buddy from my Singapore Idol(auditions),Hady.Yupz,the same Hady Mirza that robbed me of my glorified moment.Well,we met over the soccer field.His team was playing against mine.As fate would have hate it,I did not managed to get the playing time I should with him.He was just like me.Handsome and cute.Full of flair and style.Good players but not necessarily effective.(lol)What I realized was just how dimpled he was.My wife was just commenting that he was photogenic.I felt like telling her,that even I can be one,if one of the perks in life is having to pose almost every minute I walk down the streets of Orchard Road.

Well,anyway,this is my first entry to a long awaited release of pent up idle thoughts.I’ll keep my stories for another time. 


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