Conceiving the Concept

I was Toastmaster of the Evening at my club’s chapter meeting a while ago.The Language Evaluator introduced two explicit words.Conceive & Concept.Just thought that it might be cool to add it into my entry today.

Just 10 minutes ago,I had the privilige of having a chat with my Capt,of my social soccer team,about recent developments in the team’s website posts/comments.Apparently,some context of the posts were misconstrued and taken in bad light by some recipients.The coolest thing about the whole Desperate Housewives back biting comments was just the small fact that had me saying,”Why am I not surprised?”.I mean,there are times when I believe that guys/men have a mean bitchy streak in them that comes out clawing for no apparent reason at times.To take simple English words and turn it into a vendetta is what guys do best,at times.But as Capt rightfully highlighted,such events are good eye openers,as you truly get to witness in naked glory,a man’s value and character.Or the lack of it for that matter.

Talking about words,I still have that ringing theme of having heard someone mentioned,whe I asked what was a memorable trait about me,and I was said to be a sweet talker.One thing I cannot fathom is why of all traits,I had to be remembered as a s sweet talker.But I realised that it is a contradiction at best.Theoratically,at which stage of a friendship,would you want or need your friend to be a bitter talker.A doomsday advocate.A conspiracy theorist.Or just a critic.Everyone wants,someone,who always,if not most of the time,says sweet honeyed things.Right?Let’s just put a filter through the eyes of understanding and ask,”What if everyone was just sweet talking me?”.The fact is,it’s happening.I’ve come to realise,that I shall not beat myself to death over such things.I was just fulfilling my responsibilities as an acquaintance.If sweet talking is a taboo,abolish the act of praises.


Hi Jaz
It’s Tim here. How are you? I hope you are doing well 🙂
Would you be free on Wed, 7 May? I would like to invite you to either PE or LE at Raintree. With your charming speaking style and sweet smile, I am sure our new members will really be inspired by you 🙂
Kindly let me know if you could visit us
Warmest regards,
Is that not an example of sweet talking?This is even worse.It’s through email.(lol)
The world is a happier place because of sweet talkers.*smiles*

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