Thank God I Found You…


I was overwhelmed with a short spurt of boyish dilemma a while ago.Getting myself caught between the legs of two gorgeous women was just a bit too much for a Friday evening.Blame Kai for it.Mentioning Giselle and Adriana in the same sentence structure with God’s gift to Man was blasphemous.Okie,so he did not say that.But he did say that Giselle was the Boobs of Brazil.

I’ve never dated a model.Now that I’m married,I definitely will never date a model.Of course,a model dating me is a different perspective altogether.But,that’s not my point.I was wondering the consequences I will probably face if I ever did manage to get hold of a model’s 8 digit mobile number.Contemplating about models will never be a passe past time.Frankly,with the exception of my wife,Andrea Fonseca,Fiona Xie,Jessica Lieu,Eunice Olsen and  Beatrice Chia,I don’t consider anybody else as models.I’ve been told before that models have the worst self esteem.The need to look good has deprive them of the contentment of being beautiful.Poor group of people.But I personally do not mind.Any models with any state of mind and confidence are good enough for me.

But talking about Adriana,Brazil is indeed a place I wanna visit.For the beaches of their Rio De Janeiro.Watching women and men in skimpy two pieces,one piece or no piece will be a challenge for a perfect sighted man like me.Wonder what it will do for myopic men though.Gorgeous beaches,gorgeous babes and gorgeous soccer balls.It’s a man’s paradise.

Mother’s day is tomorrow,but my family has already done their bit of celebrations.My sis catered food from this outlet called Islamic catering or something.It was okie enough.My sis took the bulk of the initiative to get the whole celebrations done.Cute of her.I was just wondering if they would ever consider having a Brother’s day.Waahahaha.

Deliriously bereft of ideas…shit!



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