UniverseSome people may have been looking for the sheer meaning behind their existence.Some may never find it.Some like myself,may have just been God blessed to have been given a glimpse on the true purpose to Life.

ESQ 165 was a 3 days course,my unit manager had sent me for on the 17th -19 th of the Month.I was keen on the prospect of attending the course as I had prior to this,read the book.The book was a revelation for it discussed principles which tied in perfectly with some suspicions of mind that the holy book,Quran indeed had everything a Man might ever want to know.The basis of the principles lie in the 1 faith,6 main beliefs and 5 obligations that is placed on the shoulders of each Muslim.the founder of the principles Dr Ary Ginanjar had skilfully and convincingly woven the whole intricacies of the Quran into a systematic way of living life,as a leader and follower.The ESQ 165 basically means,Emotional Spiritual Quotient based on those given numbers.Think Anthony Robbin’s with a spiritual touch.

Anyway,the whole affair of the workshop was an eye opener.And I really mean literally.I’m not the sort who is easily impressed or mystified by things but the workshop was definitely one for highlight.The Fridays session started out in the morning with my colleagues and I arriving punctually in eager anticipation.Needless to say I was the most enthusiastic.Having read the book and having attended the preview,I was sure I was gonna pck up some damn fine stuffs.

The whole session started with a bang.An introduction was done of the course and then it was…SPIRITUAL TIME!!!

I will very much like to discuss the 3 days session in detail,but I’m thinking that it is perhaps redundant.The spiritual aspects of the workshop was indeed intensified throughout and there was pplenty of wailing,crying and sobbing as each and everyone of the participants withered under the strains of self realisation and admission.What I truly gathered from the whole sessions.was the remarkable miracle that of the Quran.To think that 14 centuries ago,our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh had mentioned,about the creation of the universe,as inspired by God.It’s only in the 21st century that the theory of the Big Bang is being expounded.It was frightening yet inspiring.

Truth be told,I did leave the workshop being a better Muslim first,a better human being second.Because now,my conviction is realised.