With You…

You know what a true man Chris Brown is when you see him slide his shoes through the turfs so effortlessly.It’s just like watching Michael Jackson when he was just the naive brown guy without the nose job.Anyway,Chris’s song,"With You" has been an endearing favorite of mine.Along with One Republic’s "Apologize",they sure rank as the hit songs of 2007-2008.For me at least.

So David Cook,has finally been crowned American Idol.It brought a tear to my glistening eyes,as I recalled my days of auditioning for our very own Idol show.I was grimly reminded of this,when two weeks ago,a player from the opposing social soccer team I was playing against,came up and said,"Hey,you auditioned for the Singapore Idol Season 2 right?"I do not know if it was supposed to leave me fluttering or wincing.It’s bad memories man.To think I stayed up the whole night,without the accompaniment of any chicks.Just me,my inner passion and my faithful handphone awaiting for calls of support.It never came obviously.Anyway,that was the season Hady won.So,the next best thing was to perhaps just get a picture with him to serve as a remembrance for my legacy about how close I came to the Singapore Idol.Wahahaha.

I was supposed to meet someone just two days ago,but that was the second time I had to be denied the opportunity.Well,something’s are indeed just not meant to be.Ahakz.

I accompanied my bro Kai to collect his X box the other day at yishun.Gosh.The area brought a flood of memories,since I stayed there for a good portion of my life.Kai did ask if the place brought back memories.I nodded in my heart,but shook my head.
Of course it did.That was where I used to date his cousin,who is now happily married with two kid.Ouch.Oh yeah,funnily enough,just a day after that,I saw the girl I dated who was a friend of Kai’s cousin,whom she had introduced.And that lady was also married with a kid.Best thing was,her husband recognized me instantly.(The husband,who was way back then just a boyfriend,had a tiff with me before)I wanted to laugh.Gosh,how times have passed.I’m 27 for heaven’s sake.IN three years,I’m 30.Just almost 10 years ago,I was so much in limbo,as an ITE student.Falling in and out of relationships,not knowing what to do and just messing around.Now…am a grown man with no kids.(laughs)

I’ve been thinking about some friends of mine the past few weeks.I do not know whether it’s something to be saying out loud,but just two years ago,at East Coast,I was chided by Summer Roberts,"I just am not sure Jaz.You seem the sort who do not know what you want in life."Gulp.Oh yeah…been a while indeed.Now I am so convinced that I’ve always knew what I wanted,albeit the methodologies may be a bit unorthodox.Sigh.Once again,like so many times,am so sure I knew what I was doing then.I miss those people in my life.No matter in what state of life they are in now.The course I attended just last week pointed out that when someone lays dying,he will be brought through the tunnel of his life,as vivid recollections passed one by.It’s scary and sad.Cause,I know it’ll be filled with images of people I loved…but that’s just Life eh?

The Heart.An Enigma.

ps: I cannot be the only one thinking like this right?Heh.


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