Agenda One

You know what they say about integrity.It’s something people discover.It’s never something you can claim to have.I learned this while having lunch with Kai.As much as I know that I may have disappointed my bro with regards to certain planned trips in the past,I’ve been making the effort to make and keep my commitment.I realized also during the chat,(after it was told that that the July Bangkok trip was canceled without my knowledge),that it was vital and important for me to honor my words.Granted in the past,I truly had legitimate reasons for canceling planned overseas trips.Heh.But my point is,I will wanna make things happen,and not be another picket fence over the grass.Painted pretty but never certain reliable.Thus,I know I will make the extra effort to go KL and Bangkok with my partner and Kai.Truth be told,I’ve been to trips with Kai,and I’ve never been disappointed.Definitely,Old Trafford and Amsterdam will remain high on the agenda.And yes…no dumb excuses,("But you are married Jaz!")will even be spouted.

I’ve been "elected" as Vice President of Public Relations for this upcoming term of 2008-2009.Kai got the Membership portfolio.Heh.There was a lack of democracy in the way it was conducted,the AGM,that is.Well,for each portfolio,only one candidate’s name was put forth,seconded and therefore assumed taken.I did however decided to spice things up by putting forth another Muslim guy’s name(Mubeen) to the fore,for the position of Sergeant At Arms.I knew there was another bloke up for contention.Thus just to add a bit of flavor,the position had to be contested by default of my proposed name,and the candidate had to both present a 3 minutes winning rallying cry.As expected,Mubeen lost.Moral of the Story,"If you cannot beat them,you can,
1.Join them
2.Avoid them or
3.Make things just a little bit difficult!

Anyway,I had also been put forth to serve as an Area Governor.I take it as a good challenge in my capacity as a leader.Honestly,I’m comfortable with the prospect of leading.supervising and working with those people around my age group.The challenge for these groups that will be under my charge is that 99% of these people will be twice as old as I am.Hopefully,by the kind Grace of Allah,I’ll survive the coming term unscathed.Hahaha.Was told by my executive committee also that I was nominated as the Toastmaster of the Year.I really do not know if I had indeed deserved such accolades,but am the sort who believes that such things are temporary.I am egoistical,but I also recognize the valid contributions by those around me.I will not be the speaker I am now if not for the fact that I’ve learned many beautiful facets of the Communication Quotient.By people around me.To people around me.

In the evening after the meeting,headed down to Peninsula Plaza,for a brief "BootWatching Your".My eyes gleaned over the new Lotto Twist N Go boot.A revolutionary concept that has a rotating and twisting stud located just at the point where one’s toe should be.The rationale was on the simple premise that the point was indeed the pivotal spot for all the dynamic movements of a footballer.Logic goes,that if it is twisting,it will accommodate the rapid directional changes that happen during the course of the game.Cool yah?With a recently injury prone player like me wandering around,such novelties will come in handy.Especially,if it aids the movement of the knees.Damn.I’ve been injured for the past years in all the wrong places.When footballers merely sprain their thighs or twists their ankles,I’ve had a broken collarbone,a broken finger and a damaged menial ligament.How professionally convenient.

We proceeded to Funan Centre then,and had the most childish half an hour on the X Box consoles located at the Challenger store.We played Virtua Fighter.The station consoles clearly stated that playability was restricted to only 15 minutes per session,but these two mophobic  idiots,played for half an hour,whilst standing up,without a care as to the crowd gathering to watch me walloped my bro’s characters to smithereens.My total wins was 15 compare to his 6.Hehe.I’m good.I’m a tactical fighter.If you are big and punch high,I’ll squat and punch your groin.

Art of War Tip: Know your enemy,know yourself and half the battle is won.The other half is knowing what buttons to press to defend.

Just as a closing note,one should listen to this beautiful sing called "Burdah" by Mesut Kurtis.It’s beautiful.

Salamz for now…

ps: Thoughts of the Day.There is much to Life than just thinking that you are just part of the society.Your life itself is a society by its own accord.


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