Anger of a Fan!

There are a few things in Life that irritates me. One of them includes atrocious,blasphemous defending from the central pairing of Baihakki and Precious.How Singapore Lions can tolerate a bumbling giant and sleeping beauty is totally beyond me!And to lose to Uzbekistan by a margin of 7-3 is totally akin to bringing the dead back to life.Raddy should be given credit for instilling mental resilience in the team,but these two bungling idiots do not deserve any tags or caps for that matter.My mum was dignified in saying that Baihakki’s undying love for his fiancee was perhaps affecting his play.(refer to New Paper,1st June edition,in which all players quoted parents as inspirational figures,but the bloke beg to differ by citing his fiancee)Anyway,I blame the loss on these two zonal clueless players.Precious…is as precious as toilet paper is as commodity.Bah!


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