Sex & The City

Having come back home from yet another session of evaluation,proved to be a breath of fresh air.To think that 10 years back,Buona Vista MRT station was the perennial place where everything in my life began.That fateful escalator ride down was something I always looked forward to in the early mornings of my ITE days.Now,that distant memories were like dust breezing along the construction works being done there.Heh.

After spending almost two years,in the Toastmaster’s arena,it still never fails to astonish me just how much I could learn from each new speakers,at the helm of the platform.In particular,a speech about a Man’s needs brought a sense of enlightenment.It was proverbially akin to mine.Cars,status and condos were the calling cards I used to dwell upon.The truth was,as at the end of the speech,the speaker poignantly highlighted that all he needed was just a harmonious family.It struck me right to the core of the issue.I’ve always highlighted in my diaries and journals all the while of such needs.Material wants are just the side needs.I’ve always figured that a Man who has the base of a happy and harmonious marriage and family life,will lead on to greatness.

I’ve been listening to Quranic recitations for the past week.Especially on the chapter An Nisaa (Women).The readings were melodious,that’s why.Whilst in the train,I kept thinking about the unique position and esteem the Quran placed on women.There were no suraahs on Al Rijaal (Men).then it brought me to that though also about a hadeeth or narration that said that women folks will be the easiest gender to get to Heaven,yet their numbers in Hell are aplenty.Why?

It will be good to highlight that in Islamic context,a wife’s dutiful obligations will almost automatically guarantee her a place in Heaven,yet many a times,such privileges are waived,simply on the basis of standing for women’s rights.Of course,not all women are to be cited as an example as there are an equal number of men,unable and disabled from leading a household.But the crux of the matter is,things are made so much difficult when women or wives have this ideal or perception of good things needing to come to them.It’s difficult eh?We have come to that End of the Days age,where as prophesied,women’s ratio will be 4 is to 1 man.Statistically proven.

I’m one of those Man,who encourages women’s rights and voices,only within the suitability and appropriateness of dignity and respect.Definitely,a wife can voice their opinions on me,but a wife that screams those opinions,loses her self respect.Period.You see,respect is something you earn over time,not necessarily bestowed just because you hold a certain position in Life.It’s paradoxical,I know.I just personally feel that,women given their special status in Islam should just take a step back to reflect on why such importance are given to them,and not shout it out at the top of their lungs just to prove a point.Be gentle and dignified,and it’ll go a long way.You may not necessarily earn the love and respect of man in the short term,but definitely the blessings of the Almighty is upon you.

It’s a blessing to be a woman,I guess.Many in fact.Women just got to know what they are.

ps: Read An Nisaa.


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