Art imitates life.

Cool gameI’ve been hooked.A game that I can complete in a day has got me hooked absolutely.The premise of being able to be my past self was just too tempting to deny and control.Brooktown High offered me the chance to relive some moments.Haha.

For the uninitiated,this game basically puts you in the character of the 4 generic types you may find in your schooling days,namely,

1.The Jocks & The Fashion Queens

2.The Nerds

3.The Emo & Eccentric

4.The Trying to Fit In…

It was just darn cool to be playing one of the types and trying to socialize at all levels of stratosphere.The beauty of it all,was that I had allowed my personality to seep in and just be the “Playa” sort of guy,dishing compliments and exaggerations to ALL the ladies.The whole thrill of trying to win the attention of each different types was just so appealing.I met jocks who were ever so willing to dish out their manly quotes of fitness and charisma.I had nerds appealing to my lesser half on intelligence.Bottomline was that,I enjoyed the power of playing “God” as what Kai once mentioned.The audacity of being able to dictate the responses and outcomes of interactions makes for good viewing.I especially liked the interactions that led to steamy moments in caves and rooms.Yummy!

Anyway,lesson learnt.When talking to anyone,always have three bubbled responses in your head.One that gets you in the pants,one that makes you sound cool or intelligent and one just plain annoying.Hehe.You never know what you are going to get with such things….


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