You’re so beautiful

Yeah. My type of indulgence.Boots.Pretty ones that is.Funny how,that after all these years of afford ability,I still cannot bring my beautiful self to buy a pair that is worth more than a hundred bucks.Miser eh?But,it’s just that I cannot see myself prancing around egoistically in beauty.I’ll admire myself too much.

Talking about beauty,I’m once again pondering on those thoughts of that elite society within our circle,the “Beautiful People”,a term Kai coined two years ago to inexplicably define,people who loves to partake in taking photo shots of themselves with pretty and handsome looking people.Not that I do not like it.I love it.Especially those pictures that is lined with,girls in halter or tube tops and skimpy skirts and high platformed shoes,with long hair and sweet smiles,and men with spiky hair and powdered face and physiques that are akin to Greek gods.You know my drift right?Well,it came to my recent attention that perhaps,I should be mixing around with such people.Makes much for an ego trip.The proverbial situation that will happen is that,I’ll be inspired to perhaps be more beautiful myself. Heh.

Just wanted to share the above video.I just thought that this dude is damn talented.The day I play a musical instrument is the day when all hell will break loose.Always had this childhood dream of playing guitar.An unfulfilled dream for now.

Has anyone been watching “Pushing Daisies”?Beautiful and morbid series.


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