In the pits.

Having just reached home from yet another session of battered Winning 11,I am truly coming to that foregone conclusion that,I suck totally at XBOX 360 consoles.Yes,you heard it right!When there was a point of time when I ruled like a demigod,under the tutelage of PS2 consoles,I am now left a wreck under the new controls.Such cruelty.As devastating as it is,the unbridled enthusiasm has kept me going,at least for now,to splurge 10 bucks every now and then.Especially,when Jens Lehmann just made the whole experience of keeping out goals so gratifying.

I’m still sitting on my round ass,trying to find a semblance of calmness,to really draft out my proposal.My manager has been insisting on having me prepare a draft proposal of some sort to be submitted to the Vision 165 guys,for that workshop modules I had coined,Financial Mastery Quotient.The thing is,I need to strike that really fine balance of instilling Islamic values in that pursuit for wealth.As silly as this may sound,I just have to make sure that if I am really going to conduct this events in the future,I really need to know all the stuffs I’m propagating.I do not want this to be yet another feel good kinda seminars/workshops where people get hyped up but end up as deflated and flaccid as shriveled carrots.But I guess,it’s an honor of some sorts to be given the privilege to draft that proposal.In the pipeline of submitting it to MUIS too.Heh.

Talking about MUIS,I just had a conversation with my brother in law last night about the dearth of charismatic preachers/ustadh these days.Maybe,this is reservedly my opinion,but does it not bother anyone that somehow,we as Muslims,are just going nowhere with regards to owning and claiming a Utopian vision of better lives.Hmmm.Let’s explore this myth…as how Maarof Salleh noted in his article today in Berita Harian…if Islam as a religion has limited the Malay’s capacity to succeed as a society?My take…Malay’s deficiencies are truly their own,and nothing to do with Islam.Heh.Our religious conferences these days are concentrated on several core issues…

  • Harmony with other races/religions
  • Teenagers and Parenting
  • Family

Bah!Is Islam truly and only about all these?No,you say.Yet,every year,we are expounded on these issues.And laced with that rallying call of denying terrorism.Come on MUIS!indulge the community in a more enriching venue of wisdom and learning.How about current,global and economic affairs?How about self empowerment?How about spiritual enlightenment?Sigh.

Anyway…who am I to say…if all the preachers are as limited as they are in their capacity.Pray God that may we be blessed as a society.

I still recall a hadith that mentioned how a group o Arabs approached the Prophet pbuh and said,that they were men of faith,but the Prophet said,”No,you are not,yet.”

We are still only Muslims…not yet Mukmins.


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