Messages From The Zohanish Babe

Watched “Don’t mess with the Zohan” with the missus a few hours ago.Totally Adam Sandler.Worth the ten parted bucks.Heh.With guests cameos from Chris Tucker,Rob Schneider,Ben Stiller and Miss Va Va Voom Mariah “Damn Body” Carey…it was worth every minute spent.To take a politically charged conflict as the premise of the movie was ingenious and pure comedy.And yet again,in another episode of attraction at first sight…I fell in love,with Emmanuelle Chriqui.
How the hell did this chick escaped the attentions of my radar baffles me.Stupefying.She plays a Palestinian girl.Hey,I’ll be a Palestinian boy anytime for this lady man.
Killer smile.Killer eyes.Killer body.Kills me.

I was thinking about something Kai mentioned to me the other day,whilst showering today.Well,that’s me.I keep things in my mind for other times to ponder about. Being in the shower is one of those moments.I think it was something about losing a sense of direction or purpose.Something along those lines.I knew that I did not say anything then.
I know that feeling.That exasperation.That clueless ponder.That defining question,of what the hell am I doing.Those moments of reflections where people around will think that my life is perfectly normal, within,nothing makes sense.When I try my very best to justify my life with,quotations,philosophies and a whole load of hopeful motivation.Thus while showering,I asked myself,what got me through?

I think what did for me,was my intense belief in the greater destiny.No shit.Perhaps,I owe a big part of my whole persona to the unfolding events the past 4 years in particular.Things such as learning that my partner then,had someone behind my back broke me,spiritually and emotionally I think.That facet of distrusts had reared its ugly heads like a Hydra had bitten me off badly.Even though,the relationship resumed for a while,it was just a piece of cracked porcelain awaiting devastation.I learned point number 1 in life.

What you do not want to see in others,should never be found in you.

Or,if you do not want others to cheat on you,do not cheat.Haha.

The arrival of Summer Roberts,was an accelerated catalyst for my life,because she brought along a vision of things.It was like,in that space of a year we spent time together,the experiences encapsulated into a defined purpose of who I could be.Maybe,psychologically,I was just trying to think a bit older,that’s why.She was older by a year.But Summer Roberts,proved a theory.At that point of time in Life,I was looking for that answer.That purposeful answer.And the Laws of the Universe,granted me…in spectacular fashion through serendipitous moments.Lesson no 2.

What you want,can be found if you look for it.

It’s just that,I was not what Summer was looking for.Heh.

So,why am I married now?Lesson no 3.In my wife,she defined the penultimate theory,that once you find something,learn to keep it.I’m fortunate in that sense of knowing that my first two lessons taught me well enough to,make me understand the gem I had.My missus has these apprehensions about me at times.I do not blame her,as she knows my history pretty well enough.But the point here is,lesson no 3.

Once you’ve found it,keep it.

The whole mumbo jumbo of finding purposes in life will take a while.A certain metamorphosis,I guess.That’s why,I am not particularly worried sometimes when friends mention these phases of lives.Like I’ve always believed in,that God has a greater plan for all of us.But,never make any apologies for the fallacies of yesterdays.It’s too late.Move on and kick butts.Haha.

If I had learned these 3 lessons earlier in life…my life will not have been that colorful.Haha.I would have been married off to my secondary three crush,with 4 kids,living ina 4 room flat in tampines,working as a policeman and driving a chevrolet,playing soccer on weekends with Bali,being the furthest country I’ve traveled to.Gosh.How sweetly mundane.Instead I chose to be a playmaker…adored by many,resented by millions and loved by some.You get my drift.

On hindsight,if during that moment in life when I was lonely,I should have just subscribed to that old age philosophy,that Impossible is Nothing.I would have packed my bags,head to Canada and looked for Emmanuelle,get married and have beautiful canadian boobies…I mean babies.

That’s Life.Just Don’t Mess With The Jazhan.


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