Extra Joss Smiles

Following missus to have her pictures taken at Certis Cisco,was an eye opener.Well,for starters,the Cisco logo has changed.For the better I think.There is this edgy professional feel about it. As we made our way into the building,we were greeted by a counter that was manned by,two short haired lady officers.The thing that struck me immediately was the fact that one was prettier than the other.But I believe they would have looked better with long hair.Heh.I was solemnly instructed to take my seat in a reception area,as only the intended individual,(missus),can enter the premises.And thus,with a book in hand I indulged myself in my folly thoughts.One very drastic impression was this.As I entered the compound of the building,I can swear upon my smelly socks,that it was crawling with Malay officers.On bikes,standing,patrolling,at the counter,answering calls and doing other stuffs.Well,yes there were Chinese,but they were few and far between.I cannot help but wonder,what I will probably need to do,to just perhaps station myself down there and come up with a feasible plan to prospect and sell life insurances.Hehe.

Soon,missus came down and we made our way out.She commented about the pleasantries,or rather the lack of it,coming from the counter officers.Well,yes,I agreed with the fact that the officers did not offer a tinge of smile or something.I mean,the least one can do when acknowledging someone is to perhaps smile,but these poor ladies probably had a bad hair day.They were stoic and rather mechanical in disposition.Am sure somewhere in their capacities of dreams,they are wishing they are SATS officers up at Changi Airport,perfumed and all giggly. I understand my missus whines,but hey,it’s tough being a Cisco officer.Especially,one with short hair.

Having Arnold’s chickens for lunch was exceptional.My chef like taste buds have come to that conclusion that the only difference between their chicken and that of Kentucky’s or Tenderbest’s is that,their chicken skins are thinner and oilier.Not that it was not nice.I loved it.been a while since I was last there.And the displayed prices was not a surprise.Everything is pricier these days.No wonder the Cisco girls did not smile.

Over at Geylang,I did a bit of toiletries shopping.It was heavenly.One thing I learned was that there were an array of toiletries I could get over there.At knock down prices. And I got my beloved capsules of Habbatus Sauda.I’ve been lethargic without them.Oh…and I bought Extra Joss at a dollar for a box of 7 sachets.These are the same energy drinks that Cristiano Ronaldo had advertised for.I still remember Kai and myself reeling with laughter in our hotel room when we saw the advert.
I was initially contemplating getting Kuku Bima,yet another energy sachet drink,and I chuckled to myself how Hanafi,on our Batam trip,had professed its sexual increasing prowess capabilities.Hahaha.I read the ingredients on the sachets and realized that it contained the same ingredients as that of a cup of Mocha.Wahahaha.

Energy drink personified.Increases that thing called “Kejantanan”.Kai needs one this days.That primal prowess has been subdued.I’m trying Extra Joss first to see how it will help my performances on the field this Sunday.Wahahaha.

I just borrowed a book entitled,”The life of Muhammad”.A biography of our Prophet.Truth is,I’ve been sick of reading the biographies of Western individuals.They do not possess that crucial answer I’m looking for.The universal leadership concept.Our beloved Prophet pbuh,was the model of example.Hoping to crack my head on new knowledge to research on.I realized also,just how much I thirst for new knowledge.Everything that is presumably pioneered by the Western world is now debunked,by the fact that Islam has been expounding on it all along.Psychology,sociology,astronomy,medicine,sciences,economics and all things concerned has been extensively expounded by the Prophet and His Companion.Amazing.And here we are,trying so hard to learn them.

I had a mini tiff with my missus earlier in the evening.On a question.

The question was,”
Do dinosaurs exist?

Seriously.Anybody who cares to share their knowledge and insights,please tell me.I personally,refuse that notions and beliefs.I’ll tell you why…later.


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