Return Of the Big L

Something eerie and cute happened just about three hours ago.A long time acquaintance of mine from secondary school days,last not heard since the day Man United beat his beloved Chelsea,text ed me,”How did you get to know Wie?U might as well add Farah,Tri,Citra and all my female friends on Friendster.U dun like it if I add ur wife right?”Upon receiving the message,I realized that the aforementioned Wie was someone I just added on my Friendster’s list,after she had requested for an add on.And truth is,I did not know who she was to this bloke.She was just an Indonesian girl.I checked this bloke’s profile,and realized that this Wie was on his list along with the mentioned girls in his text.It then dawned upon me,the whole psychological reason behind the intended message.It was primal jealousy of the highest order.I mean,he had only six friends there,so of course he had to be protective of his herd.It’s just normal and I truly understand.Poor chap.The Indonesian girls should not have looked at my profile.Well,such is the world.

My manager sent a text earlier.I’m sensing that he is very excited about the Financial Mastery Quotient thing.He’s insisting that I update the next future event on the website.In August that is.Something is moving positively well at least.

Am halfway through reading the biography mentioned and I must say that I’m enlightened with a deep sense of submission.Perhaps it’s true.You cannot love someone,if you do not know them.In this case,my supplication is that may I be given the clarity of mind and thoughts to know my beloved Prophet.Just like how Kai’s Friendster shoutout calls,”What would the Prophet do?”,the answers are all written skilfully in the chronologies of history.Am proud to be a Muslim.No individual in the history of Mankind can lay claim to the sovereignty and total control,he had established over 14 centuries ago.May Allah’s blessings be upon him.

Once again I am wishing I had somebody to share this knowledge with.Maybe,I seriously need to look into getting myself attending classes.Not those “ritual” classes conducted in mosques.Something progressive and challenging,and not formatted by an institution.Dear God,please ease my way to being able to do some sort of higher studies in your religion.Amin.

I’m continuing my reading,by which after that I’ll continue my attempt on my PSP’s Iron Man game,after which then I’ll get to sleep.That will be 4am.


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