Get Smarter

Life gets a bit interesting when you revisit those scenes where nostalgia resides.No,I am not talking about my flings with Giselle,but rather,the kinda movies that one watches.You know when you are getting a bit old,when series you used to watch as kids,get turned into a full blown scaled movie with actors,you never knew way back then.Thing such as realizing that the reason you loved those series was because of its extreme goofiness and dumbness.And yes,I am talking about that movie,”Get Smart”.

God,I loved the series.Maxwell Smart was just that unorthodox hero type who typified royal silliness.The kinda guy,somebody just wanna pummel to death,for being absolutely honest.In the space of two days,I’ve been introduced to two unlikely hero.The first,of course,Max.Secondly,that Malay bloke from the series,”Yazid Pakai Lampin”,of Wednesday night slots.Starring that guy called Ashmi I think.The thing I loved about that Malay series,(cannot believe I’m saying this)is the fact that it kinda hits the home base,with me in terms of connection and relation.You know why?Cause I saw myself in that light somehow.In Primary school,I used to be bullied by this tall,tangly and dark boy called Mokhtar.The only reason why he had this aura of superiority over me was because he was the tallest Primary Two student in the school.To make it worse,he was in my class.Anyway,like Yazid in the series,I was the brainy sort of guy.”Walking Dictionary” they called me.Thus I became the object of taunts and jeers.Mokhtar had a group of boys with him.And I had mine.Mokhtar’s group played soccer and “rembat bola” during recess.I played “zero point” and five stones.And yes,I played with the girls under the shade of a tree in front of the canteen.Anyway,I was popular with the girls in school.I was assistant head librarian,was in the choir,a class monitor,malay poem recitations champion and teacher’s extreme boot licker.(Yes.I carried balls)I was always subjected to abuses,verbally and physically.I was used to that frequent requests of buying the twenty cents soya bean for Mokhtar and sometimes his friends.Once,whilst sitting on the ledge of a wall,one of the boys from his group,ran and push me.I fell head first.I had a scar on my scalp,broke a tooth and suffered the humiliation of crying back to class.Anyway,the wall was just two meters in height.No big deal.My form teacher at that time doted on me.Mrs Goh.Will never forget her.It does not help that every time I whine about Mokhtar,that dude will be give the punishment of staying back after school.No wonder Mokhtar had wanted to kill me.Heh.My best fried then was a Chinese Muslim chap called Ng Lai Kok.Well,his Chinese name that is.His Muslim name was ishak.Cute guy.Bespectacled and also my staunch defender.I forgot just how many times he had to stand up for me.

My Primary One to Three sweetheart was Nurhidayah Bte Mansor.Still cannot forget those silly days of running after her to send her back,across the road.(Yes,just to cross the road)She had a bunch of girlfriends around her.Nurashikin(my secondary schoolmate),Suraya,Suhana and a few others.They all knew that I liked her,and they also knew that Mokhtar liked her.Damn him!(haha)Well,of course like any other wise boys would have done,I gave in and surrendered my soulmate(ya right) to Mokhtar.But anyway,the liaison was not meant to be.Hidayah left for Malaysia,as her family moved.I too,moved,to another school,in Primary Four.To the dismay of Mokhtar and gang.They did not have me as a bully point.Well,too bad.

Anyway,the thing is.Over the years,I felt that I got smart.Smarter.Too smart I guess.Where I used to be the entity of oppression,I have now wizened up to be the oppressor. Hehe.Not really.

The thing is,I realized that people who bully or just compromise other individuals are just lacking a bit of self confidence.You know those psychological kinda thing where you need to take someone’s liberties away so that you will feel liberalized. No shit.Hence,I’ve forgiven all these peepz who bullied me in my younger days.I used to have this ideology that this people just lacked “father mother love”.Poor Mokhtar.I wonder,what he is doing now?Nurhidayah?That cherubic angelic face.(I looked the name up in Google.Only pictures of overweight females came up.Scary!)

Aaah.My beautiful wife is sleeping.I’ve been ignoring her every night,ever since Euro started,and my broadband is up.Heh.But I always make up for it in the day.Am sure my wife does not know that her chivalrous and charming husband used to be bullied.See what Life does to people?It changes them.It refines and defines them.(Wow!)

I was language evaluator at Suntec’s UBS today.What I liked about it were,

  • 3 gorgeous bankers,one being malay smiled and greeted me upon entering
  • one intern named andrea lit the session with such aplomb
  • whilst giving my evaluation,the malay banker kept smiling…(at me or with me,I do not know),but my guess is,she’s as surprised to know that a malay speaker exist as such a malay banker as her
  • two blokes approached me requesting me to be interviewed for their website on careers.this is what they said,”Jaz,we were wondering if we could interest you in being interviewed for out initiative of providing useful information for the young adults. The scope will be on your career and the necessary requisites to succeed in that given industry.Our mission is to provide the kids with a source of info for them in choosing the right career.And it’s a non profit organization.We saw you many times,and we believe you possess the dynamic and appealing approach needed.Besides,we believe that you have the passion.We just need 15 minutes of your time.”I said,sure,I’ll give you a day and here’s my card.Haha.When I got home and checked the mail,there he was,giving me the lowdown.Very efficient and professional.I like.Heh.Anyway,they were asking for more of such individuals from different industries.Kai and my wife will be next,after my walk of internet fame.
  • the 3 girls still made the day…hahahahahahaha

*note to the wife*this is strictly professional.wahahahaha.(i know you read my entries)

Russia is playing Spain in an hour.I hope Russia goes through.I’ve seen footages of that Arshavin dude.Apparently,he’s good.Damn good.Plays a bit like me…

As always…


One thought on “Get Smarter

  1. Give me a bully any day! They’ll rue the day they meet Mr. Khairil.

    Mr Khairil (MK): I heard you go around bullying people?
    Bully (B): No.
    MK: I have proof and reports that prove otherwise. So you’re a tough guy huh?
    B: No. I do it for fun only.
    MK: For fun? I would like to see you bully me now, big man.
    B: …
    MK: Why so quiet, where’s the bully now. Oh, you’re going to cry now. I ought to show this to the whole school…
    B: Waaaaa!!!!!
    MK: That’s it! Go run home to your mummy. Who’s the big bully now. Hahahahahahaah!!!!!!!

    Another childhood traumatized.

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