He got my back.

I’ve been poring over the newspapers and crawling the Net on news about that chap called Anwar Ibrahim.Well let me rephrase that.Poor chap actually.To be accused of having sodomized yet another aide of him,is something beyond my Malayish understanding.In the space of a decade,he has yet again been at the far end of politics.I never liked to discuss politics.Well,I’m lying.I love politics.I love conspiracy theories.I love this whole agenda of sourcing out for truths.Anyway,in the case of this poor man,I really have good reasons to believe that it is a funny scenario to be in.Imagine,a 60 year old man with a beautiful wife and daughter,sodomizing a 23 year old,barely working dude.As what my sis mentioned,that it seems to be uncannily convenient that someone of his age,has had a change in sexual orientations in his late years.He could have raped a 25 year old girl or murdered a politician,but,no…he had to sodomize.In the world of conspiracy theories,it really makes front page news.

My malayish instincts tell me that it could perhaps be something that was made up in an attempt towards diverting attention.But then again,I would rather not speculate but leave such things to the good governance of the Malaysian Government.Those people know what they are doing.Or at least,they appear to be on top of things.I had a taxi ride just two days ago,driven by a makcik.She offered me the best situational scenario that I never thought of,but I can relate to very well.

In an Islamic compliant country,it is imperative that somehow,accusations have to be justified with tangible evidences.Well,10 years ago,they dug up a semen stained mattress to fulfill that.But this makcik’s observation was spot on.What about this thing called witnesses?As we are perhaps generally informed,”skodeng”,is a term coined,to discuss “peeping ambushes” done by the good people of the country.All the good people in religious bodies will raid an informed location,should any illicit activities occur.And yes,there are credible witnesses around.How come this guy,do not have such things coming into the picture.The Prophet had always accounted that the guilt of adultery is punishable if there are credible 4 witnesses in presence of witnessing the acts.Now question is,where are the witnesses?

Second interesting point,brought up by the makcik is…if somehow witnesses are suddenly made present,how come not even one of those witnesses would have tried to stop the act?Good question.Hahaha.Interesting eh?The thing that provokes me the most is this…how in the world can a country that is proposing the “Hadhari” concept of Islam be engaged in such diabolical political embroil.Trust the Malay powers that may be.I mean,for a country,that I believe is genuinely made up of a lot of Malay Muslims,we have to witness in our lifetime,the struggle for power take such a twisted turn.It’s freaking embarrassing.People say,Politics are Dirty.I beg to differ.Politicians are the ones who dirty the arena.

When a lack of integrity,honesty,fairness and humility creeps into the souls and minds of individuals craving for the glorified position that be,the whole concept of self and collective management becomes muddled.Honestly,am not surprised to see this,as prophesied by the Prophet,there will be a time when his ummah will be divided,over the chase of powers.It has happened in bigger scales,and the ones we are seeing in Malaysia is kinda small.But significant.Because what we are seeing are the squabbles of Malay MUSLIMS.You know who’ll win the argument?The side benching countries or politicians,awaiting for their slice of the pie.

Fortunately,such struggles do not happen for us in Singapore.Thank God.Our Malay community here are docile and domesticated.They have no concerns for the higher positions.They are contented with that weekly routines of bring the family to the beaches and having meals at Macdonalds.They are well secured in their capacity,to work up to the age of 65,spending a majority of that life,paying off their home mortgage loans and car loans.They are happy with their weekly attendance at religious forums and classes.They are not interested in politics,as politics are dirty.They are happy enough to be happy.

Such contentment.

Al-An’am (The Cattle)
Reveald at: Mecca

In every town We have placed some sinful leaders who always make evil plans. These plans will only work against their own souls but they do not realize this.

Narrated By: ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al’ As
Translations By:Dr Muhammad Muhsin Khan
I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “Allah does not take away the knowledge, by taking it away from (the hearts of) the people, but takes it away by the death of the religious learned men till when none of the (religious learned men) remains, people will take as their LEADERS ignorant persons who when consulted will give their verdict without knowledge. So they will go astray and will lead the people astray.”

Now,the issue at hand is this.Should complacencies creep in,as we celebrate the notion of having our lives so well managed by our good Government?Or should the desire to improve beyond the expected capacities,be realized sooner?If our community strives to be a community of families with cars and families and good jobs,then we have just neglected our rights to be called the “Khalifas” of the world.Heh.It sounds ideologically big,but believe me,its not.We are too contented with the quality of life.It gives that false sense of security.Just because you wake up in the morning,to a sunrise,does not mean you will end the day with a goodnight sleep.

ps:It’s not politics.It’s current affair.


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