What’s in a name?

One thing that I learned from the thoughts about love and relationships,is to know the one you love.Especially on that aspect of loving the One.

As what I had learned in ESQ, whenever we loved someone, we are actually loving a certain trait and personality. Character. Remember those times when we were asked why we loved someone and we said,” Well,she is kind.She is compassionate.She is loving and so forth.” Truth be told,what we are loving are actually the unique traits of Allah. And all this while we thought that we are indeed loving something else.I seriously have tried to find adjectives ever available and all adjectives have been classified or encompassed in Allah’s 99 names. Allah is great!

Well,I wanna share the above video. It was something I picked from my trawling on the Net.Just beautiful and appropriate.

What’s in a name they ask?



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