Just Random Dilemma

You know something.In my entire course of being a Financial Planner,I never had such a huge dilemma on this mind of mine.I guess the truth of the matter is,I’ve been an ignorant prick all this while.An indulging idiot who never realizes that the knowledge I have are indeed tiny matters compared to the vast ocean that lies ahead.

What am I talking about?Well,ever since my unit manager transpired on me the idea of making a modulated course in Financial Planning,I’ve been reading up a lot.A dreadfully amount I must say.I took the entire month of June in fact.I’ve always been someone who never believes something until I experience it first hand.I guess the way that I derive knowledge is probably also the same.Citing an example,a year back when my manager cited to me that there was a pattern in economics and investments,I took his words just as plainly as it was.During that same amount of time,I also took the liberty to do my own research and readings.It was during those moments when I stumbled upon this book called “The Joseph Cycle” which explained the basis behind these patterns.In essence if you may have guessed it,the writer’s inferences were on the Bible’s writings,which by no coincidence is also found in our Holy Quran.Anyway,ever since I alluded my agency to that discovery,the agency has been citing off its basis of investments on that particular passages from the Quran’s Surah Yusuf.You know what my problem was?I understand the theory and application behind the passages,but I’ve yet to use it in my presentations as a basis.Not because I do not believe in it,but because there was an element of discomfort on my personal part.

Anyway,as of recently,my manager has been somewhat highlighting to me that my performances in the agency was not as it should be.Well,in essence what he was trying to say that comparing me to this new guy in my agency,I should be doing better.His reasoning was that since the manager was the same,the presentation materials were the same and the company I am representing were the same,then I should be earning $5K and above by now.In fact just days ago,he send a text message,

“Teaser question,just for your reflection.Have you ever wondered why the wealth,(rizqi) of an individual differs from one another,when in actuality,he is coached by the same mentor,representing the same company,selling the same products and presenting the same presentations?When in fact Allah does not restrict the pursuance of wealth?”

Well,he broad casted this to the rest of the planners in my agency.I felt an overwhelming sense of injustice,disbelief and being mocked at,with the insinuation.(As I am not dumb enough…you see)Anyway,I text reply him the following…

“…maybe because an individual’s destination in life is different,his obstacles and struggles are different and the blessing on his wealth from Allah are different.It might be worthy to note also that the degree of importance and relevance the Sahabah’s have during the Prophet’s time also differed even though they were all under the tutelage of the Prophet.But yes,effort and perseverance play important roles in the pursuit for wealth.Wallahualam.”

That was my direct response.

“I will share with you why Allah differs in giving rizqi.”-His short reply.


Do not get me wrong.I have utmost respect for my manager for all the accomplishments and achievements he had made.But,there is a part of me that also reminds me that he is human.Fallible to the occasional weaknesses.Well,understandably he wants the best for the unit,to stake the claim for superiority as a Malay Muslim unit and so forth.But me on the other hand,is not the sort who likes to look for religious solace to back certain humanistic errors/practices/ideology.His observation that his practices had somehow influenced the success of this new guy reeks of silent content and pride.Good for the guy to achieve such wealth in the shortest of time.But,my question is,in the world of responsibilities,if he’s selling on the basis of Malay Muslim rights,what rights are he protecting?

As I dwell on the subject of Islamic finances and economics,I realize just how big a responsibility is burdened on my shoulders.Sigh.Damn,the fires of Hell awaits those who are in my line seriously.I am now on that mission of educating my current clientèle and future ones,of why.If I wanna expound on this subject,it will take me a week of entries.Bottom line is,I feel blessed to have been given this window of insight by Allah seriously.I’m called in the direction.My manager had given the basis that Wealth Planning has 4 models.

  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth accumulation
  • Wealth preservation
  • Wealth distribution

In my earlier seminars,I had in detailed explained the various facets.But alhamdullilah,with the new insights,I think I can safely add one more element.

  • Wealth purification

In the current capitalistic economy where the value of our worth are actually nothing than printed numbers,it might be pretty scary for most of you if I were to tell you that the money you have are absolutely worthless.Just take a look at your currency notes,and you will find at the side printed in small fonts,the following words,“This note is legal tender.”Now through my understanding,there was a point of time when your dollar value is actually pegged to the value of gold.Seriously.But the emergence of Central Banks,(eg in the States),such as Federal Reserves has abolished such pegging.What it translates is that,your money has no value at all,as it is legal tender,and not backed by any value whatsoever.Why you may ask?Have you ever wondered who prints money?Think about it.If an institution has the power to print and “make” money,does it not make sense that a system can also be put in place to devalue that money?Well,we all know that inflation will indefinitely devalue our money.So what beats inflation?Interests that are higher than the inflation rates of course.So let me pose this teaser…if conventional economics and finances are meant to save the world in any way,why are they still so many poor nations?And why are people like Warren Buffet getting richer by the hour?

Let’s put the equality factor to the test in our pursuit to be rich.

  • A and B has $100 to invest.A has access to interest rates of 5%pa while B has access to interest rates of 19%pa.Who’ll be richer?
  • A has $20 and B has $200.Both have access to the same interest rates of 7%pa.Who’ll be richer?

So in a way,it’ll be a long struggle to be rich.You either need to have more money or higher interest rates.Perpetual cycle.Now think about it.If you had the power to print money and control interest rates,will you be the richest God damn institution in the world?

I’ve been marveling at the accomplishments of the Prophet.It became the most profound empire in human history,yet there were no elements of usury/riba in any transactions made or the way the wealth were gathered.All were based on the concept of sharing and unity.Beautiful.Now do you know why Islamic banking is suddenly a hot item of discussion?What if in the furthest mind of your imagination,the capitalistic world falls?Do you actually know or realize that a whole score of wealthy people in the world are currently switching to Islamic banking and economics?Why?Do they have insider access that us common people do not?Why,is it in Quran and Hadeeths,it is mention that there will come a day when Gold and Silver will be the denominating currency?Why not mention US Dollars or British Pounds?Ever seen football transfer fees?Ever wondered how anybody can be worth that so many Euro dollars?There is good reason to believe why commodities are called commodities.Which one is easier?Printing money or creating gold?
I’ve come to that basic logic of truly saying this.Start collecting gold.Or silver for that matter.World leaders are doing it.(Google it,even Mahathir does it).Well,even the Quran mentioned wealth in reference to gold.Not dollar notes.Think about it.Our lives have now been confined to stored numbers in some terminal.EZ Link…Cash Card…ATM Card…everything is carded.Our values in wealth are denominated by digits on screen.There will come a day when you will perhaps not even see any notes.

I mentioned in my workshop before.Money is just colored paper printed with numbers that is inferred to have a certain value.Nothing more nothing less.But what is the true value…

I hope by Allah’s grace in the capacity of my work,I’ll learn more.I’ve realized that the Muslim Malay community has been paralyzed by this economic ignorance.Hope I can compile my readings soon…


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