I had a fairly good day.Eating mutton chop at the stall behind Sultan Mosque,sipping an elephant sized teh tarik whilst reading the New Paper was blissful.One thing that I hated about the mutton chop though was the meat.It was lumpy.I hate lumpy meats.Mutton chop meats ought to be tender and flattened in a way.It cost me five bucks.Sigh.There are things in life which I believe I had taken for absolute granted.One of it is good meat.Promise number one:Treasure all meat.

Ever since I wrote the last article on my findings regarding money,my wife has been curious and did her own reading.Am glad to have a supporting reader in that sense.Haha.But seriously,I duly hope that whatever that I’ve shared will serve as a catalyst in some way for any Muslim readers out there to improve on.I used to be wanting to share about my life’s daily ramblings but I realized that the only part missing,was the value.I figured that if I can share a message,an education or a facet of Allah’s vast knowledge,I will have done my small bit part.Eternal,practiced knowledge will render blessings for the one who gave it,I figured.

Anyway,the money issue had been plaguing my head.I have a different view about wealth as a result of it.I was surfing the net just the other day and came upon a gruesome but sad picture.A Muslim boy,crying beside his mother who seemed to be whispering something to him.In the second and third set of the pictures,the boy was seen wailing and seemingly left helpless.His mom lay still,as Death had engulfed her.My thoughts were…”Even all the world’s wealth can never do anything to prevent it.”I believe it was in Palestine.The picture was just something that I believe will be permanently etched in my mind.I feel helpless and powerless.No amount of NLP,Anthony Robbins,Robert Kiyosaki,Bill Gates or Warren Buffet can do anything about it.And here we are,praising these set of men as role models.God forbid us.Sigh.

The least we can do is to supplicate/doa.For these people to be protected and blessed.Now do you know why,your perspectives of your life ought to change.Should not we feel blessed to be able to practice our religion and lead our lives in serenity and peace?Allah has not placed us in such circumstances.

You know all these courses going around in mosques calling out for spirituality and so forth.Or the recently,”Rahmatan Al Amin”,”Blessings For All” campaign?I do not get it.Just what are our religious leaders driving at?I’m as confused as night and day.Is not spirituality that feeling knocking within you when you view the above pictures?That sympathy.That helplessness.That devoid sense of existence.When our hearts cry out for others.Ever since the terrorist fiasco,our religious communities have been so insistent on having campaigns and activities to introduce Islam to other races and religions.My question is why such an effort?Why not drive that same enthusiasm and energy to educate the Muslim community first about Islam.Damn,I’ll be more than happy if a common Muslim Malay man walking down the streets,can name our Prophet’s parents.Or at what age he passed away?Or the 4 caliphates?Or the sheer meaning of the syahadah?But no…the Muslim community has to be busied with educating other communities.There is nothing wrong with the education,but the efforts and principle behind it,is so lopsided.When will our community be the living example of the religion?As of this week alone,Muslim Malay community are still harping on their pride at making recent divorce rates going down.Talk about priorities.Hahahaha.

I don’t know if anyone necessarily agrees with me,as they are just my personal opinions based on personal observations.But it’s sad sometimes.I’m going 30 and I’ve yet to make a major contribution to the community.It sickens me whilst driving me.People talk bout leaving their legacy,and I always wonder what will be mine.

My personal dream/resolution:To be able to perform my Solah anywhere on Allah’s earth without a tinge of hesitation.


One thought on “Blessings.

  1. It’s sad isn’t it, the current situation facing Muslims all over the world. Yet, we are concerned with things that perhaps do not matter as much. I suppose every Muslim needs to have that inner desire to become a better one, embracing the word of Allah and living it every single day.

    One step at a time and maybe we’ll get there one day, InsyaAllah.

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