Heavenly Mia.

There are some things that make a Sunday weekend beautiful for me.Lying late in bed with my wife,heading for my weekly dosage of soccer and stumbling upon a beautiful voice,as above.YouTube is such a God send sometimes.The fact remains,that we are so connected these days that it is hard to say that someone is far away.Scary.

Anyway,this girl can sing.And how the hell did she become so beautiful?Wahahaha.If my bro Kai is reading this,let me tell you that this is the kinda girl you should be wasting your time and dough on.Even if it’s for the briefest moments in your life.Not those ‘minahs’ checking into the Balestier motels.(read Berita Harian 20/July)Heh.Speaking about this report,how the hell did it take that long for anyone to even start writing about it?Sigh.Ya lah…concentrate some more on the campaigns of interfaith sharing la.So obsessed with showing your house,forgot that your backyard is dirty.(Figuratively speaking)In the news today,a Minister said that from his travels abroad especially the Middle Eastern countries,he found that the practice of Islam was varied.Agreed.He said,that the Islam practiced in Singapore should also be multifaceted to cater to the diversified elements in race.Agree and disagree.Agree because yes,we should be able to practice the religion well in peaceful Singapore.Disagree,because if a poorly read Malay Muslim were to take the lines literally,he’ll think that Islam has to suit a situation and context when it is actually the opposite.If you know what I mean.I’m sick of saying about the Big Kahuunah that is of our community.Just a week ago,a client of mine,who was homeless for having sold his house,for divorce,forced out of his own home,jobless,called asking me,not for money,but my help in finding resources.He has been sleeping in mosques for days.I searched the Net for local mosques that could help and instructed him to try.Guess what he got?A lashing from mosque officers and a crisp ten bucks.Poor chap.The ludicrous notion of seeking help for the first time in one’s life from your very own faith’s mosque,and being turned away in such fashion is blasphemous.What is wrong with perhaps giving a bit more,calling up related agencies to help this man and perhaps doing something positive?First thing is that,you are not giving what is perhaps your own money!Perhaps it’s the mosque’s money.Public are deserving.Secondly,you(mosque officers) do not carry the jurisdiction to suggestively reprimand a man for his state of helplessness.The least you can do,is give and shut up.A helpless man does not need your opinionated philosophies in life.I recounted the incident to my mum,and she was not surprised.She recounted her experience of asking for help at MUIS.She said that a man before her was asking for assistance,and all he asked was some sort of small financial help and a pack of rice to help him and his family through the day.Not only was he turned down,he was also told that the body is not a welfare body that dishes out charity alms.Damn.The mere thought boils my blood.That is the freaking problem with the system.These days,even charity alms has to be given out,photographed in events and make the front page headlines the next day.Talk about donations and such things.The call for charity needs media exposure.Gone were the days of the Prophet’s practice,where it is encouraged that if your donations are made with the right hand,the left hand will not know.Whatever lah Malay Muslim bodies.You guys should watch The Dark Knight to understand why systems legislated by such people deserves the thumbs down.And yes,I will still donate.It’s for the people.The irony is,as reported in Berita Harian,mosques are taking a proactive role in reaching out to the neighborhood in a new campaign(what’s new?).I wanna laugh.The Tabligh movement has been doing such fro decades and not an inch of column appears.Just because someone up there initiated it,it’s become a campaign.If anyone asks,why I keep whining about it,and not doing anything about it,my answer is,

1.It is not about who I am underneath.It is what I do that defines me.(Sit and blog!)

Well,I’m sleepy and bitching that’s for sure.All I know is that I’m falling in love with Mia Rose.Yupz…the girl singing to me in the above video.Sometime this year,am gonna have my own YouTube channel.Hahaha.

Mia Rose…Heaven.



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