Power Of Intent

I had a tiring day.And that is indeed something out of the norm.I surprised myself by stepping out of my comfort zone,and initiated a session of cold canvassing with a colleague of mine,Kak Dayang.I instigated a session of house door knocking.Wahaha.After years of non practice,I decided to immerse myself in the activity to spruce up my mundane business mechanisms.And boy was I worn down by the physicality of climbing down stairs and running from door to door.interestingly though,I should not have any grounds for complaints since my accompanying colleague is a lady of 50 years old.Shame on you Jaz!Nevertheless,it was a dynamic experience as I fund myself in my familiar element of face to face contacts.I love it!And the area being in Ang Mo Kio certainly brought facets of bittersweet memories.

Anyway,I had a day of pondering.My aforementioned colleague,is someone who is constantly on the lookout for the positive things and aspects of life.Recently she got herself introduced to a New Age healing seminar,held over 4 consecutive weekends.She recounted her experiences to me,and the new knowledge that she had received over the course of the workshops.I found it interestingly engaging,as she had been recounting it over the past week.The course that she had attended with no charges incurred was basically centering around the practice of Quantum Energy,Auras,Chakras and Color Therapies.The thing that interested me the most was the fact that the lady trainer apparently had managed to line it up with Islamic basis and findings.Now I have the reason to explore.

You see,I’ve always been interested in such things over the course of years.I guess in my efforts to understand myself and my potential,such things may come in handy.Some people may claim it to be the New Age Therapies or the Spirituality aspects of life.Call it whatever,but I’ve always read about it in the past and only recently,is the momentum of such ideas are increasing.I’ve been interested in auras,for a long long time as I knew of its existence.People say,that some individuals have an aura of charisma,invincibility or superiority,but yet they cannot pinpoint exactly what the whole thing means.People talk about the Laws of Attraction so fervently,yet I feel that they do not know exactly what it is in practicality.Or things such as energy,yet hey do not know why they have low energy in life.

Interestingly,I’ve finally managed to piece together a framework of understanding,through all the readings,research and experiences.(Steady ah!)I’ve come to believe one thing.That we are all just a collected bunch of vibrations.Now these manifestation of the molecular system,works only on the premise of one force/energy that is beyond comprehension.In science,we learned that our physical entity is made up of molecular structures,with nucleus,neurons and protons,moving in a fixed coordinated and prescribed movement.What holds or binds all these,is that unexplained force.So point number 1 is..

1.We are just,in essence,energy.

Now,Einstein had theorized a super conclusion when he came up with that profound Law of Relativity.Now what does it say in basic nursery terms?My basic understanding is that the Law attempts to explain that the flow of time varies from one location to another.As explained in the Quran (no prizes for being surprised),one day in the Hereafter is equivalent to 1000 years in Present time.So,when the next time,you exclaimed just how Time flies these days…reflect deeply!So point number 2…

2. Einstein made us realize the existence of Quantum Physics.

Now we all know this fact.Energies are not created or destroyed.They are transferred.In Secondary Two,we learned,about potential energy and kinetic energy.A ball placed high on a slope,possesses potential energy.We know it has that energy,but we cannot explain how it’s there.We just know that,if pushed,it will roll down,thus explaining that its potential energy has been converted into kinetic energy.Now,your gentle push,was a kinetic energy.Just before you push that finger,potential energy was stored in that finger.Since the Law of motion requires transference of a never ending cycle of potential to kinetic and so forth,what then was the preluding force making you push that ball?But before that,point number 3…

3.Energy is conserved and transferable.Not created nor destroyed.

Now,imagine this also.If a force like the one mentioned exists,it makes absolute sense for it to exist in some sort of existential vacuum or space.Whether it can be seen or not,is not necessarily justifiable,but we know it exists simply because it has to.We know that when you blow into a balloon,we are blowing air in it.Can we see the air?No!But it is manifested,as the energy (air molecules) are taking up the vacuum.So ask yourself this particular question…”What is making me blow the (energy) into the balloon?”.If your answer was,”My intention…!”you are a genius.Heh.Point number 4…

4.Intent drives energy.

What the hell are you writing about Jaz?

Well,it’s simple.You may either believe or scoff at my suggestions but I believe in one thing.We are all a part of a cosmic energy.Since our existential physical bodies are in essence,just energies,then am I not right in saying that the Earth and Universe itself is a whole network of energy,controlled and prescribed by a greater unexplained force?Still laughing your ass off?Consider this idiosyncrasy?Ever seen the movie the Matrix?Watch it and you’ll get all the drift.We are a connected part of an intricate Matrix of energy.There is an instance where Neo,(protagonist)of the movie…simply downloaded the whole sequence of Kung Fu moves,from the Matrix.That aptly describes the process of intention and attraction.

Our minds/brains/subconscious acts as transmitters and receivers.The whole Universe is a system of intricate energies/info/knowledge for anyone wishing to tap on.Thus,when someone wishes/says/hopes/intents a certain manifestation,the Matrix like system of the universe will align Itself and in accordance,what was transmitted by you.”Ask and you shall receive”. Get the gist so far?When speakers or successful people talk about tapping into your subconscious mind,what they are basically trying to tell you,is to tune your receiving or transmitting mind,to the frequency prescribed by the network/matrix of untapped/conserved energy.Then can the Law of Transference take place.That explains why,when you plant a seed into the ground,your act ionized intent,allows the Universal law to take place of germination.Can you control the process?Absolutely not.But you had set in motion,a transference of conserved energy (intent) into kinetic energy (planting),which will then allow the Universal Law to apply its own transference. Thus in a concluding nutshell,the Power of Your Intent should not be underestimated.The precedence you place in your intent can make or break an action.Why then would our prayers have to begin with intent(niat)?Or why is that a hadeeth mentions that if you intend to do a good deed,but never get to do it,Allah will still reward you?Every single thing begins with an intention.Thus the Law of Attraction can be magnified dramatically if coupled with the POI (Power of Intent).Power of Intent classifies the Why.Law of Attraction classifies the What.

I’m taking it upon myself to share cause I believe there is value in the whole thing.Amazingly,the whole research and findings were pioneered by the Western people.Is it just me or is it that these people always seem to know more about things than us.Or maybe we are just plain ignorant.Left for scraps in the race for knowledge.But the thing is,I’m beginning to get a clearer picture with each passing day,on the infinite potential,of someone being a superhuman.All the Laws told here have been in existence.There are no new discoveries.Only recent realizations.Things such as auras or the power of your spoken words.Even spoken words carry energy.Do you actually know that a research done by a Japanese professor years back conclusively showed that Quranic recitations applied/read to a glass of water will purify the water and make the crystals react differently.

And you were wondering just what nonsense goes into our bodies right?Well,try a bit of prayer,when you eat or drink these days.I believe in it.Thought it was just a ritualistic thing all this while right?Well,now there is a scientific basis behind it.Scary.Energy at work again.

Well,I’ve signed up for a two days intensive course in November ,to learn more.Am so anticipating to know,how’s my aura?And yes,successful people have a total different aura.(duh!)Maybe just as starters,I believe if you are interested,you should read this insights.

On Quantum Energy:

Sufism and Quantum Physics

Islam and Quantum Physic

And to get you started…

Power of Intent

Happy Reading.Believe me…you’ll learn something!


2 thoughts on “Power Of Intent

  1. Hi Jaz,
    Your share gave me a great deal of happiness and hope! I don’t know whether or not you have seen the movie, “What the Bleep Do I Know?” but it is about Quantum Physics and includes pictures of water crystals formed while a beautiful word was being said, and also while an ugly word was being said. The differences are staggering.

    If you haven’t seen it, or in case anyone you know might be interested in what you have just shared, you can get the movie free at:


    Just scroll near the bottom of the page….

    Good luck to you,
    I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry; thank you.


  2. “If we drink good water, we can remove all of diseases over %80 (WHO)”. Alkaline water can sucsess this. Alkaline water flushes acidic metabolites and toxins from cellular level. Supplies health sustaining minerals such as Ca, K, Mg, Na to the body. Contains smaller water clusters (51KHz) that hydrates the body up to 3 times more effective than normal water. Facilitate nutrients and mineral absorptions efficiently. Promotes general well-bing by restoring the body.

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