So You Think You Can Dance?

What constitutes a good day?It’s when you wake up,turn around and find Mia’s listless hair falling over your shoulders,and then remembering the hot passionate night you had experienced without the air conditioner on.Unbelievable I know.Just in that realm of wishful thinking.Well,in all honesty,waking up itself constitutes a good day.What more can you ask for?

Anyway,by all means,I did have a great day.(I cannot believe I’m listening in to Didicazli now)What I mean by a great day is one that had me go over to International Plaza to register myself as a Director,for a fledgling company,IPILLARS Pte Ltd.It’s gonna be my baby project.Having lunch at Lau Pa Sat with my pal,Laithe was just pleasant.Had cockles fried rice.I admired the way a four dollars plate had so much rice on it.In a time of high prices,it was welcoming that some stalls are not shortchanging.Lunch and conversations with Laithe was just nice.I mean,we discussed about finances a lot.He had a lot to share.This is a bloke who is on the verge of declaring himself bankrupt yet had the disposition and positivity of someone cheerful.For a 30 year old,I admired his resilience.He was quick to admit that mistakes in credit management had led him to escalating financial mismanagement.He admits and is on his way to work himself out of the rut slowly.That itself,I felt was just a good thing.Being newly minted as a husband some more.I know he has a load on his shoulders,but to be able to smile through it all was just something insightful.I agreed with him,on his perceptions on wealth.Or rather the pursue of being rich.There are some of us,who will never be contented,with things.The way he entertainingly put it,with the context of how the Chinese have a culture of burning paper money for their deceased.I laughed because,on hindsight,even in death,money was still perhaps not enough for some people.he cited how his previous Malay manager,whilst driving,asked him,when they say a Mercedes passing by,”Laith,you don’t have any wish to drive that is it?”Well,admittedly,everyone have those dreams.Nothing wrong with them.Just that,it’s just nature’s way,that when you have a Mercedes,you will look enviously at the Lamborghini.Heh.When will it end?But Laithe was agreeable with me on my theories about monetary values and the Malay community’s fixation with priorities.

As a side comment,just two days ago,whilst on a trip to Geylang with my family,I witnessed the mother of all mediocre superiority.A convertible…filled with 2 Minahs and 2 Mats,sped by.The surprise was not about the old convertible speeding by.But it was the antics of the M & M,that caught the attention of everyone around.They were waving their arms,screaming,”Wooohooo.”The girls were in an orgasmic rapture,trying to incite reactions.

I concluded several things.

1.In a community of mediocrity,driving an open top convertible was assumed by this jokers,as glorifying.

2.They chose to drive in the ghettos of Geylang,because these jokers knew that driving in the city area,will make them the object of ridicule,as they line the car,at the traffic junction,with Mercedess,Lamborghinis,SLKs,Beemers,Ferraris or just an RX8.

3.These jokers lacked the knowledge that whatever the case was,a car does not make a man.The man makes the car.Which in their case was worse.Mats and MInah’s do not in any way make a car more appealing.A clown on an elephant looks better.

4.The way the mInah’s were in a frenzy indicated that perhaps itchiness in their neither regions,can in fact affect one’s stability.

In fact I was silently praying,though bad of me,that a dumpster filled with rubbish will just knock the side of their old convertible,and overwhelm them with the aura of utter rubbish.If they wanted attention,that would have instantly got them one.

Well,maybe there are some who will chastise me for this review of their behaviors,citing that other races of society may be doing so.My answer is simple.Malays have a religion called Islam.And being so,such things are never condoned.Don’t even start comparing.It’s just ridiculous that I had to view such things,coming from a distinguished select group within our community.

I ended the day with an evening workout with Kai.Splendid session.A breath of healthy air.I’ve come with a resolution.With Kai providing the needed fitness input,together I will work on buffing up my physique.Get back to a healthy bill,and then I wanna sign up for a dance course.Yes,dance class.Bollywood dance in specific.Get my wife too.Get Kai.

I love Bollywood dances.

One of my secret fantasy.An orgy of Bollywood dancers,with me around.Like the one below.


Or…maybe something as simple as a ballroom party.Like how Hrithik Roshan will have done it…


…I’ll doll my wife up ala Kareena Kapoor and I’ll shake my booty along.Kai can be Shah Rukh Kai for this video.Hohohohohohohoh….

Or why not something as nostalgic for Kai as…

Aankhen Khuli

…Kiran and Karan.Awwwwww.

Or I can dance alone as Shah Rukh Jaz…

Zinda rehti hain

And if I can have only one last dance with anyone in the world,it will be…

Amrita Rao


Bollywood.Just love them.

Dance anyone?


1.Get Fit.

2.Sign Up For Dance Lessons.


ps:Am a simple man with simple dreams.Heh


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