Open Your Mouth

It was something that my Dad remarked that just sparked that bit of discomfort within me.He was asking my wife,”Do primary school still have those dental appointments?”.I cringed upon hearing that.The word.The God forsaken word.I totally detest that word.I wonder why I have such disdain for dentists.I still remember my fearful episodes of dread in primary school.Back then when I was the class monitor,I was given the honor of collecting my class’s dental appointment cards from the office.I always flipped the cards,praying silently aloud,that may my unique name not be flashed within my scope of vision.Heaves and sighs of relief always followed whenever I note that my name was indeed not within the appointed ones.But my classmates.Alas!Like damned souls,awaiting the guillotine, they almost always curse my heritage,whenever I handed out the cards to them.

But there were indeed times when the Angel of Death beckons.Okay,I’m exaggerating.There are of course those odd occasions when my name will indefinitely pop out.And when that day came,I am almost the perfect guy to play the role of a rape victim.I will find ways and means to escape that torment and dreaded journey of heading to that cursed Mayflower Primary for my appointment.The deathly hour was always at 10 in the morning.I remembered that scent.That ghastly smell of a dentist’s room.You know,that keen familiar smell almost always found in hospitals.It reeked of desperation and exhaustion of the poor little students who had their molars and canines probed and pricked like lambs in the slaughterhouses.Poor me.

Maybe what I hated was the fact that someone was prying into a personal domain.And those irritating lectures on the need for excellent oral hygiene.You know it’s coming when the dentist says,

“You ah…must be eating a lot of sweets right?”

“Why your teeth so yellow one ah?Your parents never teach you to brush is it?”

“Later you grow up with no teeth how?”

The fear pressure making its presence count.

I still remember when the last time I had managed to climb on that notorious dentist’s chair.It was in Primary Five.And ever since then,I never had a brush with them.Heh.

I hate dentists.

I fear dentists.

I just want to it be known.Even a Dark Knight like me has a fear.

Seat Of Hell
Seat Of Hell

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