Marital Blues of the F**ked Up Kind

Concluding my Financial Mastery Quotient today was a blessing.Cause it reminded me of the things that even I may be susceptible to at times.The fallacies of the community.Sometimes,there are those who ask why I have such a racial disdain for my own race.The thing is I don’t.I’m not comfortable with the ideals and philosophies and principles that we tend to adhere to.A perpetual cycle that never seems to elevate any sort of status for everyone around.

When I got home today,I noted that my family was in a deep discussion about an issue.Thus I sat down and inquired what it was all about.The story goes like  this…

When I got to know my wife,it was then realized upon us by a fluke of a coincidence that somehow,my wife’s side of the maternal family,were in actual fact close neighbors with my step father’s family.Separated years ago by the mass movements of house shifting,it seemed that my marriage had brought upon a sort of mini reunion for everyone then.It seems that at one point of time,there were skirmishes of romance between some individuals,(eg my step auntie and some bloke there),during their adolescent years.So,when the proceedings of the wedding ensued,it gave everyone a chance to reestablish broken ties,irregardless of their marital status.Which entails only one thing.Catastrophe.

Way back then,last year,I had issued out a preemptive suggestion to my mother about the possibility of bad repercussions in having these sorta family ties being rekindled.Old histories being relived.I had been casually informed of these histories,and thus I somehow felt that,it might be a bad thing.Truth is,it was.Somewhere around four months back,my step auntie who is in her 40s,with 4 kids,having been married and divorced thrice,suddenly announced that she has the intention of marrying the bloke from my wife’s family.Back then I had exclaimed,”See,I told you so…”to my mom.So,today,my mom and dad was summoned for a mini family conference of some sort to discuss the feasibility of a marriage arrangement.Old twit trying to be all excited about a marriage.She should be counting the days her permanent “home: beckons.Anyway,that was not the point.Apparently during the discussion,it was it was shared that my wife’s side of the family had been slandering my wife and myself,with allegations and accusations,and these old twit who is excited about her impeding marriage,was citing the slanders as examples.A basis to say that she is not that bad after all.Cause,there was a point of time early this year,when I saw her,a married woman,(yes,she just divorced her third husband two months ago),acting freakishly with the bloke at my workplace’s mrt station,allowing auto roaming around her gargantuan butt,as she giggled like some wet teenager.All I did was relay the observation to my dad,who probably commented to his family,who then commented to the old twit.And the old twit,perhaps out of embarrassment,tried to cite my wedding photo shoot as an insinuation to say that her saga is just normality.Yeah sure.Married twit with 4 kids,coming all the way to Singapore,(she stays in Johor),for a rendezvous.And to garner support and popularity,tries to buy favorable votes from my wife’s side of the family,who are as dysfunctional as they are in their own rights.I have no qualms about dishing my disgust at the episode,because I am clear with one thing.Barring all things,they are just an extended family.I truly do not mind slanders citing me.Cause I seriously do not give a damn about opinions coming from circles that do not put food on my table.But I hate slanderers against my immediate family.It’s the penultimate insult.Pathetic and lame.A prostitute’s manner of reputation mongering.Especially coming from old twits,who bore children out of wedlock and getting married with the frequency of Elizabeth Taylor,trying to cite my marriage as an example/basis for reasons.Bastard!Why can’t she just admit that all she wants is another stick in her hole.Get it over and done with and not trouble or disturb the peace of her family.Her sheer arrogance of citing that the guy will be buying a condominium in Johor,giving her an allowance of $200 weekly,taking care of my grandparents.All these statements without the slightest consideration that all these years,my family has been financially assisting my grandparents.And suddenly this man she’s gonna marry will,be providing the social security so long needed.Damn.This bloke,a bankrupt who cannot afford his monthly alimony(he’s a divorce e),stays at a rented 2 room HDB,which is not even registered in his name,contractually working as a lasher,claiming that he earns $3k a month.Thus the twits claims of afford ability.How blind can one be by love?Or rather,the lust of a stick in the twits twat.You stay in a rented flat and you want to buy a condominium in Johor.Please lah.There is a better chance of my stick landing in his mouth.

I’m bothered in a way.Not by the episode.But by the bastardization of family ties for personal gains.Exploitation of trusts and mutual respects.The social fabrics are disturbed by such idiots.My auntie should just consider taking off her head gear,tie it around her Michelin waistline and just shove herself in a cow’s ass.That will do justice.

Moral of the story : If you are 40++,and feeling horny,go fuck yourself. Do not bother people.


4 thoughts on “Marital Blues of the F**ked Up Kind

  1. Quote of the day,
    ‘There is a better chance of my stick landing in his mouth.’

    Good one Bro, I can’t stop smiling lah Bro.

  2. Capt…was not aware you read the entry.(lol).I do not know if I was being rude with the entry,but if an adult like you can laugh about it,I guess I’m doing all right.Yeah!

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