Jaz Say It

I’ve always wondered how it’ll feel like to be the star of your own channel. Thus I did the next best thing any crazy 27 year old man will probably do.That is…film himself.I figured that in my quest to become a global speaker,I must be able to speak in my room.Thus,I took out my camera,(an old one I must say),put in on top of my television,and began speaking.I had a lot of random things to say.I was banking on that unpredictability factor.Trying to exude that aura of being natural in front of the screen.After taking a few shots,I realized a few things…

1.The lighting was horrendeous

2.I looked ugly in my Batam bought singlets

3.My vice sounded squeaky,like David Beckham

4.The Background was embarrassing

5.I sounded unprepared…(well of course I was)

but on the good side of things…

1.My hair looked good,even if it was indeed my morning hair without the shower.(told you I wake up looking studly)

2.I could speak for at least 2 minutes,impromptu

3.I enjoyed myself

4.I have zero sense of modesty,as I was just being a narcissistic idiot clamoring for You Tube upload

5.In laymen terms,I’m a camera whore…

So here it is Ladies and Gentlemen…

My first attempt at self development via my videos.My Channel will be called Jaz Say It.(How corny!).As usual,you can expect corny and random things to help you in your life.I will strive to make it as educational as possible.Wahahahahaha.

I welcome suggestions and opinions on what you feel may be good topics to cover on.Heh.I am so gonna make a Batman and Robin vid with Kai.A married man like me indulging in spandex and capes and saying things like,”Holy cow,Batman!”Waahahahahahaha.

ps: Looking for the next You Tube co star…


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