Another randomness.

As usual,random things had happened over the course of my M.I.B(missing in blogging)period.Amongst those that sticks a yellow note in my mind,was my bro Kai’s unfortunate accident,last Saturday.Damn,my phone for not getting the needed coverage at the opportune time he called me.Thank God,he was well enough to be discharged the same day,after outpatient treatments.I would have felt guilty,if I had not known at all.It served as a reflective moment for Kai…as typically,one who went through an experience like that.As I commented in his entry,God Almighty still remembers him.

That same Saturday night,my wife and myself paid a visit to our loved friend’s place.Salmi and Wan that is.I had suggested the visit,for the purpose of meeting up with their cute and lovely daughter,and also to catch up with the parents before Ramadhan beckoned.As always,they were the perfect hosts.I always enjoyed their warmth and hospitality.Blessed family.Diyanah,their baby,had just leapt in quantum time,in terms of growth.Funnily,she had no hesitations about being carried around by strangers.She seemed to be revelling in it actually.Heh.Seven months now.Big girl in small diapers.Hehehe.And I had a purposeful discussion on Internet marketing with Wan.Boy,was I glad that somehow I had stumbled upon a dude who had an interest and passion for such things.Cause,admittedly,I’m interested in the subject matter.Only that I am clueless with technology at times.He’s the brainiac on the matter.So,of course I’ll stick around and try to garner knowledge.A win win situation right?He was kind enough to share his area of expertise.Am looking forward for my new site,definitely.

Speaking of which.An old associate of mine,whom I met at the gym a month ago,had asked for my assistance.Curious for opportunities,we had conversed and discussed over MSN and we met up for a formal discussion.Apparently,he now owns a LLP company,dealing with creating websites.As typical as I was the cynic,I sounded apprehensive.So,he showed me his portfolio of testimonies and clienteles.I was impressed.I knew him for a while.5 years and so forth and I knew that he had a degree in computer technology.What I did not take into account was that he decided to take his area of expertise and then opened up his own company.And what did he want from me?He wanted me to be a partner.With no costs.All he wanted to tap on was,my salesmanship and financial acumen in helping him expand his company.Why?Cause,he’s leaving for Vietnam,next August,to launch the same company there.Damn!And he actually had registered the company in Vietnam. The pet project he wanted to develop with me,was a Friendster like portal,for financial planners like myself.He’s doing it for no charges incurred.And all he wanted was testimonies.Sound silly.But I knew his business model.Pay It Forward.Create credibility in the market,then wealth will pour forward.If you need a web,look through his site.Discounts may be arranged.(with me around.wahahaha)But,look at his clientele.Check out his designs.And then reflect on the price.Ridiculous!

I’ve been reading up on Freemasons the past week.Ever since the appearance of the Da Vinci Code,I found it to be an interesting subject to explore.They are the offspring of a secret society of the past,the Knights Templar.If gamers who had played the game,Crusaders,they will identify with what I’m saying here.Or those who had watched the film,”Kingdom of Heavens”.Why am I reading this?I do not know if people,or Muslims in particular,realized just why,they need to learn history,this is the reason.”History repeats itself!”Surf through this site and you’ll find tonnes of information and readings to keep you occupied for one year and may just about change the way you view your life.It’s from this man called Harun Yahya.Harun who?He’s known throughout.Only we ignorant fools do not know.Interestingly,this guy has been apprehended before for his enormously influential writings.Especially in debunking western theories.Especially concerning Darwinism.Science books throughout the world have stated the origins of humans,were the result of evolution.Blasphemy ya!It’s like saying that the Merlion was a result of lightning striking the waters of Kallang,and lo and behold,Merlion arose.Waahahaha.Just to check on the impact of such misconstrued knowledge,try asking a Muslim kid,where they originated.If their answer is,”…from apes!”,knock their idiotic heads.Darwin was an atheist.Waahahaha.

Or what about Freemasons?It’s on his site too.I downloaded his 252 pages of e-book and spent 2 sleepless nights reading them.Majority of the US presidents were Freemasons.Even Sigmund Freud,father of psychology was one.Benjamin Franklin.Isaac Newton.Blah…blah.So what do this Freemasons do?Read their history.Then your reflect on your current life.Imagine this.Centuries ago…the Knights Templar fought the Muslim armies for the conquest of Jerusalem,the Holy city.Why?Read their history.They have only one mission statement.To rid the world of monotheistic religions,like Islam.Even till now.Only now,under the guise of a brotherhood established society called the Freemasons.Oh…and they worship a giant owl,they’ll punish members who spoke of their secrecy and initiate new members in ritualistic manner.Type freemasons in YouTube and you’ll get my drift.Masonic symbols are everywhere apparently.

How the hell,is all this info important to me,you may ask?

We are in that age where discoveries,are in abundance.You find out about the Law of Attraction.It’s in the Quran.You discover the economic cycle,it’s in the Quran.You spoke about Muslim’s being divided.(eg Malaysia).It’s in the Quran.And do you know that the western world once had this banker,who quoted the famous line,”Divide and conquer!”,when he explained his reasons for financial control.We are also in that age where as I’ve mentioned before,Islam will be a strange religion.Meaning people will want to know more in knowledge.It’s in the Quran.Everything’s in the Quran.

So,if the Quran has a verse that mentions,that there is a secret group of people who are scheming and planning to infiltatre the minds and faith of the Muslim world,(ie you and me),will you believe it?

Or will you rather choose,to be in that never ending pursuit of materialistic success,by your Law of Attractions lah,Law of Laws lah…blah…blah.

Let’s summarize it this way.My bro Aki,is in a limbo sorta state.I think.His partner of years,has decided to put a halt on the relationship,citing studies as a reason to not being able to commit.As much as I sympathize him,I had always thought that it was just something that will come one day.I mean,I have people who are married with 4 kids and a husband to take care of,yet are pursuing their masters.That’s besides the points.My point to Aki was,it’s a valid excuse for now.But I was just imploring him to look beyond the episode and move on in finally being the man he should be.A leader of his own life.The sole purpose for him even being around.

“And when thy Lord said unto the angels: Lo! I am about to place a representative (vicegerent) on the earth, they said: Wilt thou place therein one who will do harm therein and will shed blood, while we, we hymn Thy praise and sanctify Thee ? He said: Surely I know that which ye know not.” (Al- Baqarah, 2:30)

Heh.My purpose in stating the obvious.Apparently everything is in the Quran.Amazing!

So,if that heartbreak just gets in the way…I can safely console him by saying.Allah needs you for a bigger purpose,dude.Trust Him.

ps:Cool ya!


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