Au Revoir Season 2007 – 2008

The football season has ended. Well,for the Redbacks football team that is. I played my last 75 minutes of the term 2007 – 2008,yesterday. Frankly,I was just glad that the season is finally over. The strains of coping with my knee injury has been strenuous. Now I know one deficiency I need to work on for the upcoming season. My mental strength.

I have been besieged with a lingering fear for the whole of this playing year. Everytime I step out of the field,I will have flashes of my knee giving way to a crunching tackle. Just last Friday,whilst playing at FICO,I did my knee again,as it gave way to a creaking noise.And two days on from that,I played my last game of the season. Passion can do wonders. I was just commenting to my team mate,Luk,the other night about the knee injuries. Funnily enough,he did his knee too on that same evening. He agreed on my observation that the knee is actually registering remnants of the acute pain it felt. Because,these days,when my knee gives way,it is not the pain that stops me. Cause there is no pain. But,the thing is,a fear message signal was sent to my brains to indicate excruciating pain. The kind of pain I felt when I first incurred it.

I think pain is something useful. I once read or heard,that the pain of labour is so excruciating,that it may bring death to some mothers. The fact is,if you were to ask,the mothers that is,if they wanna go through labour again,they will indicate their willingness surely. I forgot what the term was,but it was said that Allah places a “veil” over the pain of labour,such that mothers will forget how it felt like. Thus,the non existent fear to go through labour again. Or how about that story of the sahabah,who had an arrow pierced his body. Physicians tried to remove the arrow but to no avail,due to the threshold of pain,the sahabah could not withstand. What the sahabah did was astonishing. He took the ablution and did his prayers,whilst the physicians worked on removing the arrowhead. First indication in the medicinal world on the powers of the mind.

The two examples clearly gave me an indication on the much needed work I need to put in. Well of course,physiological conditioning is important. What is equally important for me to work on,is my mental toughness. Now I know why,I was such a willing runner for the last few seasons. It’s not as if I was not carrying a knee injury. My left knee was busted too. But the thing is,I had forgotten about the injury.That lapse in my physiological memory had then been a blessing,as I played the game fearlessly.I think I shall need to work on that facet of my game.The willingness and sureness in my ability.

The playing season this year had been a good term for a meaningful reflection too.As I noticed just how the cycle of change made its presence felt.The old guard had been replaced by a new one.Players who were synchronised in the poetry of football for many seasons,disbanded,as injuries and other matters took precedence.In came the new batch of players.For what it was worth,I still enjoyed every moment of the change.It made me appreciate the best of things.And at the same time,hopeful of better things.

I’ve got two solid months to work on the areas of conditioning.Both psychologically and physiologically.A player I need to emulate next season is Zinedine Zidane/Zizou.

Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane

Oh well. If I cannot be as good,as least I can say I tried.

ps:Happy Ramadhan to all…


3 thoughts on “Au Revoir Season 2007 – 2008

  1. You can definitely start saying that you tried to be Zidane, coz you won’t be as good. Haha.

    Definitely relate to you bro. I feel I need to work on my mental strength too. All it takes is another incident of slight snapping, tweaking, jarring or whatever word we use to put all the doubts and fears back into our mind. It is a powerful organ isn’t it?

    On days when I don’t think about the pain, I play without fear. I try all sorts of things which I am not entitled to do and most importantly, I play well. May this Ramadhan bring much needed rest and rehabilitation to the knees.

    Come next season, the Trinity will be stronger, faster and better. InsyaAllah!

  2. Hey bro,

    that pain haunt all of us, dont it? I am fortunate enough too to avoid it for coming 2 months i think. Conditioning is definitely something we all need to do. The last thing i done my knee was when i tried to kick a high ball above my shoulder level. Stupid thing to do… but sometimes our instinct get the better of us. Since then, i have to control myself not to try such things.

    i shared with u before about not doing some things we cant anymore. I guess that definitely helps. In the meantime, try taking supplements like glucoseamine to aid knee recovery. I haven try it but will purchase it as soon as i can afford to! It has helped some of my fellow soccer friends.

    Anyway, really love that redbacks cartoon u did. It is definitely on many of our desktop! Have a blissful Ramadan and keep in touch!

    When are we having FICO? Update us soon ya!

  3. Thank you for the words of cautionary encouragements dudes.Wahahaha.To tell you guys frankly,I blame this all on Aki.Viewing that MTV,”Scarred” show truly scarred me.Now I understand how visuals affect a lot of things in your mind.So don’t watch porn.(That’s besides the point).But yes,physiologically and psychologically,we need to work on those areas mentioned.

    And that cartoon…thanks for the compliments.Up next is plush toys.Wahahaha.

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