Lessons For The Playmaker

So what’s really new in the world of circus,that is the Enlish Premier League.Two managers have tasted the boot of resignations in their mouth.Alan Curbishley and Keegan.As drama mama as it is,I was more taken aback by Curbishley’s resignation,as there were no wind or storm to indicate discontentment in him.Well,Anton Ferdinand’s transfer was dodgy,but never expected it to be the last straw that broke his back.Keegan?He’s the perennial escape artiste.After years of dodging tackles from defenders in his time at Liverpool and Newcastle,he has now done the same thing with his career as a manager.But I do not blame him.If you have a crazy billionaire in Mike Ashley as CEO and a mad man in Dennis Wise as General Manager,the safest way to escape unscathed is to just quit the scene.This is where the adage,”If you cannot beat them,join them,”will not work in your favor.Heh.

What”s my point?Simple.The essence of leadership.As managers like Wenger and Sir Alex,go about doing their routines of familiarity,the whole circus just seem to pass them by.Unaffected and unflinching,these two long serving managers never seemed to lose the plot.I wondered why,before this.And today,I feel I have a semblance of understanding.Great managers/leaders like them started with…

1.Having a self principle.

-You know Wenger will never touch his transfer kitty for no apparent reason.Rape him or murder him,he will still not dip his fingers unnecessarily into the transfer market,to just appease the calling crowds asking for a new star to the team.His self principle was in the nurturing of players through a system.Why buy,when you can mold,he says.Has this self principle,worked against him?Not that I recall of.Anelka,Henry,Viera,Walcott and even Fabregas were good examples of this principle excelling.Or what about Ferguson’s insistence that no player is bigger than a club.This principle which he laid as a foundation,paved the way towards making Manchester United being a great club for its traditions,rather than the shenanigans of its players.Some may argue that he had bend this principle for that maverick Cantona.But not so.For even Cantona was quoted as saying that he was and will never be a bigger entity than that of Manchester United.In essence,both managers,upheld their principles and it reverberated into a culture.

2.Possessed uncanny amount of single mindedness.

-How else can you explain that Arsenal remains at the forefront of title challenges each freaking season even with transitional teams?And yes,they are playing what is arguably,the most potent attacking brand of football,per say Barcelona,in Europe.Wenger is so definite in establishing his branding style of attacking football,that no matter who the players are,they still play the same advocated style of football.That single mindedness brought Wenger’s team to the brink of invincibility as they went through a previous season,totally unbeaten.And Fergie?Let’s not even begin.He is the definitive picture of single mindedness.Transfer trails are always littered with the caption,”What Fergie wants,Fergiet gets!”Berbatov’s recent transfer was a testimonial.Tevez’s was another good example.In fact,he chased after Ruud even when he was nursing injury.How resolute and focus.

3.Excellent psychological communicator

-Wenger will always be chastised as being that manager who’ll say,”Really?I did not see it happening.Maybe I’ll need to look at the video,”when confronted on the misgivings of his players.He’s similar to Fergie in radiating that siege mentality with his players,the “Them versus Us” theme.Fergie’s infamous hairdryer routine has been exaggerated in my view as a tool of effective psychological communication.Something about Wenger and Fergie,indicate that they are truly a student of the mind.They get into your head,in screaming out instructions.If Cantona,the poetic misfit,understands and heeds Fergie,then it is a clear indication of Fergie’s sound communication abilities.

4.Old school values

-Let me paint,three men in your mind.Eriksson,Wenger and Fergie.BY virtue of values itself,Errikson is caught with his pant down in the area of role model.Fergie screams at party guests,and asks them to leave if he caught his players organizing an unofficial party.Wenger?He never condones ill discipline.Ever heard of Arsenal players going on the wayward side in social life?(except for Persie’s rape case).Eriksson?He’s the numero uno reason why England are in shambles till now.Oh wait,that’s Steve Mclaren,who also cheated on his wife.Point to note.Successful managers uphold good conduct and values.

There are many other observation worthy of mention here,but as you know,blurred eyes make bad blogging.I’m just a bit lopsided in my thoughts as I try to reflect on my leadership qualities.I’ve been trying to pinpoint on my flaws in my career life,as I realize that I am cruising through so many stumbling blocks in this year.Maybe,it’s that PMS(Post Marital Syndrome) period for me..Trying to get a semblance of reality in the fact that I can no longer uphold th values I used to have.The SBS (Swinging By System) way of living. Now it’s the PAP (Pleasure After Pressure) mode.To enjoy,I need to work.My colleague mentioned the other day,”Jaz,you are a fucking brilliant dude man.You should be somewhere living the life.You got that thing lah.If I can speak as well as you,I’ll be damn grateful man.You should make use of it man.”I wanted to cry.Darn!I know…I know…I’m trying to unleash my dragon,my soul cried out.And just today,in the morning,my manager spoke to me,in our coaching session.”Jaz,honestly,you are the best here amongst the lot.I just do not understand why you are not there.Up there!Seriously,you are it.You have the wealth of knowledge,you can deliver a speech.What’s stopping you from breaking your ceiling?”I wanted to bang my head against the wall.Deep inside,I know they are right.What the fuck was I waiting for?

I figured out my flaw.A big flaw.I do not possess the four traits I mentioned earlier with regards to Fergie and Wenger.Not that I do not possess them.I just lost the touch along the way.I’m just fucking contented to live in the glories of my past,such that nothing fazes me or challenges me.People earned $60k a year,I say,”So what,I’ve done it before?!”.Indignant.People ask why I’m not driving.I answer,”Not interested.Cannot afford a car.No time to take.”When in fact,I just do not see it as a challenge worth pursuing.People wonder why I am not fulfilling my goddamn blessed potential,I pour the cold water by saying,”I can if I want to.”

I say,”Jaz…fuck yourself in the arse,and cower your head like a chicken man!”How did I disintegrate into a Kevin Keegan?So hard up on past performances.Well,past glories are crucial as benchmarks.Not tombstones.Sigh.Take me so long to realize.No wonder,I’ve not been motivated.I’ve been too contented to the maximum tune of disgust.Now I know why I should not be a Rafa or Keegan.The incompetency will show at the end.

So,today,I’m making a silent commitment of being a playmaker in my own life.To start things ticking from the middle of my existential field.Create the passes of connections,tackling the adversities of challenges and shooting past the barriers of possibilities.I’ve been playing by the sidelines for a while and I’m getting sick of it.Tired,weary and disgusted.It was shameful when my manager said that when the ball was passed to me,I chose to dribble it by myself.Fark!I’m a playmaker man!A fantasista!What the hell.I should be creating ripples.Damn it.I need new challenges.New goals.Now I realize…I’ve become predictable.It translated into even my playability on the field.AAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!Stop it Jaz!

Be the Jose Mourinho,you are made out to be with the intelligence of Wenger and the experience of Fergie.Insya Allah.Heh…soon enough,who knows…I will be leading my own team.Hell yah!

Creating the Play on The Fields of Life
Creating the Play on The Fields of Life

2 thoughts on “Lessons For The Playmaker

  1. bro add me on msn: ayyub10@hotmail.com

    i totally agree that you are definitely more of a playmaker than a winger! I hope you will challenge for the position next season! haha… though it will be with the captain….

    strangely, i find lots of similarity about your thoughts and mine.. kinda of wonder why didnt we talk much when we meet huh? haha… anyway add me alright!

    Take care and happy fasting! 🙂

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