The Big Give

It’s been a blessed week of Ramadhan.Well,not in that spiritual sense of things.It just has been a wonderful few days.

Yesterday,13th September,I had one of my enjoyable days ever.Had the company of my wife,Kai and his accompanying partner Niza.The fact that we were out to have a mini celebration sorta for my bro’s birthday,was just cool.He inititiated the idea anyway,but I was just appreciative of the whole idea of a dinner.Heh.

We started the outing at 4 with a trip to the Science Center.God knows just how long it has been since I last stepped on the concretes of that building.As what my bro wrote on his blog entry,we(the 4)just literally turned into Smurf like characters trying all the exhibits displayed there.There was this particular exhibit that intrigued me,that of an electric chair.I asked Kai to try it after me.What we did was to insert a dollar coin,sit ourselves on the chair and hold two protruding metallic handle.The handles basically reverberated with pulses of high intensity,that mimicked the flow of electric,through the body.There were two modes.High and low voltages.Being the men we were,of course we started with the high.And the experience had indeed left us with a few charged sperms in our scrotums.Hahahaha.

We tried other stuffs.Took pictures alongside the F1 cars.Spoke through pipes.Dragged magnetic bars.Crawled through exhibits.Put our hands through a whirling tornado.Spoke to a Apatosaurus.(A Malay breed of Dinosaurs)Watched hatched chicks.And proceeded to leave at 6.Science Center closes at 6.

Then off Kai drove,to the lushes greeneries that of Clementi Woods,as the Sakura International eatery beckoned.It was just the perfect setting Kai needed.Heh.Excellent,affordable and widespread set of buffet dishes,complete with the romantic ambience that called out for love and serenity.It was just pure delight,as we engaged our tastebuds to the various spread available.Things took a cuter turn when we were out brandishing our secondary school pictures,with the exception of my wife.It was an ego bashing trip as Kai,myself and Niza tried to establish the numero uno geek that was us.Niza had that geeky,Ugly Betty setting,though she grew out of that to become an amiable lady now.Hahaha.Kai?Need I say more?I had in my collections,some pictures that will surely feature in his autobiography,in that chapter called,”Looks I Will Rather Forget”.Wahahahaha.

After the dinner,yours truly suggested watching a movie over at Cineleisure.Wanted to catch the horror flick 4bia,but due to the unavailable seatings.we settled for stepbrothers.the movie was just a brainless delight.loved it to bits.

Me & My Ride & My Wife
Me & My Ride & My Wife

It’s been a good Saturday.Niza was just a delight.She was a highlight with her oblivioous,nonchalant and spaced out demeanour.Hahahaha.She is so much an enjoyable addition to the circle of friends my wife and myself have.Kai had a very good 27 year old birthday celebration.

Well…to summarise.I had immense fun.And I am looking forward to such outings in the future.

*at this point,Jaz holds up his hands in supplication that may the power that be,Allah,grant my bro a semblance of hope of a dynamic and encouraging transition into something worth cherishing in that realm of associations.Waahahahahaha.(I just can be so non commital).

Happy Birthday Kai…you are a year older,3 years to that big 30.Weeeeeeee.We all grow old huh?Hahahahaha.


One thought on “The Big Give

  1. It’s my birthday but how come you talked more about Niza than about me? Hahah. Thanks bro. For the great outing and everything else over the past 14 years. 🙂

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