Setting Sail By Anchoring

I am in the midst of completing a book on salesmanship,which I bought earlier in the week.There was this particular chapter called “Anchoring”.Students of psychology and neuro linguistic programming will identify with me on this.What was interesting about this topic and my relation with this entry is this simple notion.

“Where you anchored,will determine where you sail…”-My quotes of brilliance.

Reading Kai’s recent entry,affirms my suspicion.Well,yes,I relate to what he wrote because it reflected aptly also what I felt initially.That fear.That sense of helplessness of perhaps not being in control of the impending situation.This in an effort to control the locus of influence,we,our neuro programming,anchored itself on the last recorded memory of the circumstance.Well,of course in both our cases,the plight of being sidelined.Hahahah.But still,this is just an extended personal reflection.I still believe that my logical reasoning of the team’s structural inability applies,no matter.

Why anchoring?Simple.

Kai had anchored his potential/playability on that factor of being injured in the last participated tournament.The stimuli was the injury.The setting was the social league.The emotion was exasperation and helplessness.So by way of programming,his physiological and psychological wirings were fused and anchored on that setting.You know why I know that?It rings the same bell for me.

Let’s paint another anchor for Kai.He wore an Adidas Predator made boots,for quite some time in this year’s playing calendar.And he scored a fair number of goals with that pair.When he decided to tag onto the latest installment of Adidas,namely the Adipure version,his goals dried up.His reasoning?It’s the boots!Well,guess what?He’s right.Because,he had anchored in his mind,prior to the change of boots,the following program.

Stimuli – Adidas Predator Boots

Setting – Scoring goals

Emotions – Exhilaration / Empowerment / Joy / Confidence

We,computer students all know the following mantra,when it comes to programming codes.One factor/line of the code wrong,the output sure haywire.

Or the perennial anchor for Kai,the Mohabbatein movie.(He can deny it all his life,but I can skin my balls,not to say that the movie will invoke a multitude of censored feelings,which I cannot mention.Censored mah?)

Anyway,it proves one thing also.Anchoring creates realities.Too many examples to cite,but am sure you readers got your own version.Think of your anchors in areas such as sex,love,faith,success and failures.Know what your anchor points are,and you’ll roughly know how to initiate it again and again and again.Or for that matter,avoid negative anchors.

What are negative anchors?Things that make you powerless or sick in the stomach.Things like how i dread seeing the word Bedok in my client’s address,for fear of traveling there.Cause I used to spent years making the area mine only to lose it.Or anchors such as being in Tampines,as it reminds me of how much I miss my working life in AIA.Or anchors such as seeing the word OC,Seth Cohen or Summer Roberts.You see how strong anchors can be?Or how about that silly anchor I had with regards to ATM pin numbers which took me a year to get over with?My pin numbers for all my ATM cards used to be the anniversary date of a past relationship.It got anchored into my system for 7 years.Hahahaha.Just imagine how many times I erred trying to type my new set of ATM pin numbers?The anchor literally became a habitual reality.

Well,now that I know fully well the extend and influence anchors are,I am now more choosy with my responses.Like for example,I now will take a careful look at the emotions I want to attach to a certain experience.This is to ensure my programming code stays consistent.I now know that Davidorff Cool Water perfume sets me in an empowered state of condition,mentally.Because,there was a point in time when I felt so charismatic,confident and charming when I had that scent on me.I felt happy and successful then.So,the program is already there.

Stimuli – Cool Water perfume

Setting – Success / Empowerment

Emotions – Confident / Charismatic / Charming

Or like how NIKE Tiempo makes me feel invincible.Or like how playing as a central midfielder makes me feel involved.Of course there are anchors that can make me attractive to the opposite gender,but I will not abuse that knowledge,because I have commitments these days.(laughing out loud,farting!)Or like how wearing my coat/suit will anchor me in that state of winning.(I’ve never lost wearing that coat!)Or how blogging makes me feel as if I am more intelligent than I actually am.(laughing and snorting like a pig).And Redbacks should realize that if…hmmm…when I wear the number 7 on my jersey,the anchorage will be so devastating that I’ll usurped the statistics board like hellfire through Bukit Timah.

So ladies and gentlemen.What has been your anchor points?Think about it.List it down.Remember them.It will help you in your paths of self fulfillment.That is what Datuk K did when he decided to marry Siti Nurhaliza.Or what about Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim always consistently being negatively anchored to sodomy.It changes perceptions and realities right?

Tip number 10000910100101010001,from Hijazi’s book on “Anchoring Your Anchors” – Where you decide to sail in your ship,depends on how deep you had set your anchor in the right or wrong direction.

As Jaz Sparrow may have said,”When the Desire to be the Captain of the Black Pearl overwhelms,I forgot the Fear of being locked away in Davy Jones’s Locker.”-Original quote off my creative brain.Steady ah.

Anchor Your Experiences!


One thought on “Setting Sail By Anchoring

  1. So now we are subjects of each other’s studies huh? Hehe. We should co-write a book offering two perspectives on various issues. Imagine the promo: 2 points-of-view for the price of 1!

    Another thing I notice, anchors can change. Let’s take the boots example. I used to love Total 90 boots as I felt I performed best in them. When the design of the boot changed and I kept getting blisters, I was able to change to the Predators and my, what an excellent pair they were. I just realized that there is no reason why I can’t perform with Adipure. It’s just in the mind isn’t it? What if one day, Adipure changed its design and I’ll have to move to another pair of boots. Just as how I label the Pumas being responsible for our injuries.

    Guess it’s always in us. Anchors are just activators for what we are capable of. I think when we can start activating the positive energy without using any anchors, then our true potential would be realized and we’ll be really powerful beings, insyaAllah..

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