2B Or Not2B

A funny thought came to mind.What if I can classify generically,people into categories.

  • Will Be
  • Cannot Be
  • May Be

Imagine somewhere in my past…when I was the bane of teachers in my secondary school.The following exchanges happened in the staff room.

Kind Teacher said,”Mohamad Hijazi will be a millionaire by age 35!”

Teacher A answered,”Hijazi will be,I know!”

Teacher B answered,”Hijazi?Cannot be,I know!”

Teacher C answered,”Hijazi.May be,who knows!”

It’s amazing how a single entity can invoke 3 responses from 3 different people.My point is,what if you were young and impressionable and you heard such responses?Would you be inclined to believe me when I say that it will indirectly or directly affect your mental wiring?Say yes!

I just believe that the power of the spoken words should never be underestimated.

So my simple tip of the day,

“To be or not to be.That is the question and will always be the question!”

So…rhetorical questions you should ask yourself…

  • To be successful or not to be?
  • To be wealthy or not to be?
  • To be happy or not to be?
  • To be fulfilled or not to be?
  • To be influential or not to be?
  • To be healthy or not to be?
  • To be dynamic or not to be?
  • To be loved or not to be?

…rhetorical right?But how many times have we taken the option of being not to be?

Asking the right questions,may not get you the right answers,but you sure will know what are the wrong answers.


One thought on “2B Or Not2B

  1. Totally agree on the power of spoken words… Words are like double-edged swords and we must use them with care, especially when we’re talking to the young ones.

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