Yes,I’m Gay

Only a man on the brink of fading stardom will take the creative initiative of claiming to the world,and admitting amidst the rumors,that,”Yes Mom!I’m Gay!”Clay Aiken disappoints me.Not because he is gay.But because he is a selfish gay who apparently has no idea what that statement had just entailed.Well,just months back,he claimed fatherhood to a born child,with his girlfriend.Months later,now,he claims he is gay.What he is doing is actually guaranteeing that his child will grow up one day,surfs the internet on celebrities’ wild admissions,and find his dad’s name,with a picture of him being cuddled when he was an infant,with the bold headlines,”Yes.I’m gay!”Well,Clay…who cares.The fact is,we know you are ever since you greeted our homes on American Idol. We knew you had that atypical look and persona to live out that genre of sexuality.In fact we are gay about you being gay.Just spare your child the blushes and the therapy sessions he has to endure later.

Anyway,the New Paper today was rife with that headline of a Singaporean girl,whining/reporting that sex photos of herself and her ex boyfriend are being circulated.I was surprised when I read it.Because I saw those photos on a forum,last three months,and now it’s being reported.Wow!Slow reactions.I should have saved those photos and pasted it here,now that the news is reported.Wahahaha.But anyway,that’s not the point.The photos that I viewed clearly showed that she was the consummate exhibitionist.I mean,you don’t exactly pose in the middle of an act,unless you really got that desire to exhibit right?Well she did.So what’s new?And so the story goes…ex boyfriend posts pictures up on the net,that later resulted in distributions.Putting those pictures on the mainframe of a blog is already mistake number one.Mistake number two,was to actually not photograph the acts with the ex boyfriend’s face inside.Smart guy.”Come on darling,I’ll hold the camera.You pose!”It’s like giving a kid a lighter and some firecrackers and then saying,”No matter what happens,never light it.”Poor girl.She must have wanted to be an exhibitionista,without the porn star references.Nevertheless,it’s always nice to know that freedom of expressions roams free in the heartlands.

Talking about heartlands,I had an interesting pondering moment this morning,listening in to my Malay radio station.This days they have this festivity segment,where you can call in and air your grievances and regrets,about things such as family feuds,loss of contact and anything else under the sun,that makes the plot of a soap opera.In essence,what the deejay is doing is to be the middle party to reconcile parties who has had feuds or quarrels.So,they’ll do a conference call,and you can listen in to the bare it all soap drama,as parties wail and sob,cry and whine about their issues.I’m curious.Hari Raya festivities always have this element of symbolic sentimentalism about it.Watch the shows they air during the fasting month of Ramadhan.Without fail,year in and out,we are delighted with stories of the poor,the destitute and the ever desperate.I do not deny the apparent fact that this group of people exists and need to be highlighted so that help may be provided.But,why are they made the subject of media exposure that only serves to invoke two sorts of reaction.

1.The ones who relate and sympathise

2.The ones who treat it as a show

Question.If it’s not Hari Raya season,are these featured people,living the life of the rich and the famous?Obviously not.They are still in need.And help is still probably rendered.What then categorizes the whole issue to an extent that it warrants our TV viewing time?There are poor Indian people.There are poor Chinese people.But you don’t see a Deepavali show focusing on the issues.You don’t see a Chinese New Year show highlighting such affairs.Why is our Hari Raya festivities filled with tears and helplessness?

It seems to me.that Ramadhan is that elusive month where you get a lot of public relation circus,where the needy are magnified,the immense contributions of donors are magnified,the manners at which provisions and help are given are magnified.Any opportunity of important social figures shaking the hands of a recipient,are taken in the realm of photographic flashes.So,what you get is two exposed extremes in which our community is doing its spin story.The needy who needs desperately.And the spending extravagance up at Geylang.So question is?What is the general identity outlook for us?A community that is dependent on charity.Or a community that spends as though we are the charity?Even the market trend is tapping into that psychological needs of a typical Malay bloke like me.Do you realize just how many car dealers there are in the Geylang Bazaar?What ever gave the car dealers the idea that a typical Malay family will walk into the bazaar,to look for a car?Simple.Give a bloke,on a buying and spending mode,the reason to consider buying a car.Nothing wrong with that.It’s just sales and marketing dynamics.You create enough reasons,and you’ll create a market.Brilliant.

Oh well,why am I reflecting?I’m just another Malay Mat,with that wonderful dream of being a catalyst for change.But,to change a community,a whole generation of education will be needed.I don’t think I have the time.I’ve got my RX-8 to work for.Wahahahaah.Come to think of it,I will have to sort out my zakat budget soon.Not the obligatory ones.The one I mean is the culture and practices kind of zakat giving,where kids come and you ask them to kiss your hand while you hand them out a green packet.See where the culture of giving and accepting comes from?Heh.We were taught from young that it is okay to receive a token,from people willing enough to give without any rhymes or reasons.So,give out your $2 notes to the masses of kids,and let them collect the money and save up so that they can buy the new PSP set that they have been grinning about for quite a while.It;s okay kids…take the money.You’ll grow up one day,and you’ll write the same themed blog entry such as this,asking for the validity and sanity of alms giving,without meaningful impacts.I’ve yet to know a kid who takes all that collected money and put it into the donation boxes of a mosque.Imagine all the kids in Singapore,combining all their collected money,and then pledging that money to a charitable body like Pertapis.That will just create a dynamic like no other the country has ever seen.Kids being philanthropists. Steady man.

Oh well,it’s ingrained in the culture,so follow suit.I mean,why bother bitching with the masses?I’ll be shot down before I can even line up my case.But just in case there are those of you who agree with the validity of my not,just rest assure that there are no religious basis or connotations that highlights this custom.To my humble knowledge,priorities of alms giving are to the needy.And even that,priorities are for your immediate families.So,why give out $100 worth of $2 notes to kids,if you have an aging grandmother,sick auntie,widowed cousin,that you know of,who can benefit the most from your $100.I know…it’s the face thing.Why reject a customary practice?Why do something different?You’ll run the risk of being ostracized for being stingy.I know.I have that fear too.That’s why I’m giving to the kids too.

There are only two ways to live your life.

Conform or reform.

Too bad,these days,it’s not really a choice.

We Styrofoam.



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