Romeo,Wherefore Art Thou?

An Angel Awaiting
An Angel Awaiting

Oh well.This is an entry long awaiting. Was surfing You Tube. Saw this one hell of a video I used to bawl my eyes out for. It was Des’ree’s song,”Kissing You” off the soundtrack of Romeo and Juliet.I love the movie.Watched it like 7 times on screen.3 times by myself.I still curse the day when my Literature teacher announced that the literary text for my O levels was Macbeth. Who the hell reads Macbeth? I am still so sure till this very day that if the literary text that time was Romeo and Juliet.I would have top the subject,nationwide.

The universal quotient,that is love,never fails to intrigue me.As I get older,as I mature,I will like to believe that I’ve understood the various facets of love.What creates it?What defines it?What destroys it?What nurtures it?But guess what?The answer eludes me.I’ll be chastised for saying this,but all that I,personally am sure at,is that the answer to a future lies in the lessons of the past.It’s a whole shenanigan of bull I know,but what I am trying to conclude from my statement is that,to improve the quality of our future love live/relationships,it is vital for one to understand where he or she stands before this,on the ideals of love.

Romeo and Juliet defines a fantasy love setting for me.I loved the whole notion that a love so strong still cannot bind you to a life of being together.Well,of course in today’s context,Romeo and Juliet’s escapades in wanting to meet each other may seem foolish.(Because we have that thing call view cams on our desktops).But back then,this was the penultimate idea of love.Struggle and sacrifices.But this rather primitive and primal context of having to struggle and sacrifice,should still apply…I personally believe.

These days I believe,it is so easy to give up.It is easier to pat oneself on the back and say that there are a whole host of options awaiting out there.A bit of complication and rejection these days,will pave the way for the nearest exit door.So what you have,is the proverbial setting of a whole list long of dates,girlfriends,boyfriends and whatever there is that makes a social community.I know cause I’ve been through it.It’s been so long now since I heard,from anyone,in my circle of contacts,hanging on a waiting love.Hahaha.A story where the guy probably has to wait ages for the love of that special woman.

But it’s easier said than done.We are hell bent on associating being alone with loneliness.People with no partners are deemed as an anomaly.Worse still,are people who believe in that self fulfilling prophecy that if they are without a partner,they are a bunch of clueless pathetic creatures.Not true.

As much as I am a believer in positive feelings and wonderful emotions,I relish the opportunity to be downcast,helpless and just outright devastated.Only the absence of love can invoke those set of emotions.Being alone.Being heartbroken.Yet,throughout that period,when the dusts have settled,and you’ve found a partner…that inner calmness and sense of hope is so gratifying.Seriously.

Why do you need love?

You do not need love.You want love.Because wanting love gives you a sense of purpose and destiny,that your existence is meant to be complemented and complementing at the same time.You justify this want by saying that you need love in your life.The fact is,you will not cease to exist without love.You’ll still be breathing and eating.


Romeo and Juliet taught us one thing.The true faculty of human/existential love lies in that thing call sacrifice.

A mother sacrifices her life for the love of a child to be delivered.

A father sacrifices his energy and life for the love of providing for a family.

A wife sacrifices her freedom for the love of being a dutiful partner.

A husband sacrifices his freedom of having sex with Brazilian models for the love of being a responsible man.

….wahahaah.Just kidding.

Oh come on…

One song that encapsulates Love for me is,

Here Without You

Love gets better as you grow older,not necessarily wilder.You’ll appreciate it better.

Here’s my poetic take on Love…inspired in 8 lines

In that bubble of unfamiliarity,

Two unique souls intertwine in that space of relations,

In that close context of serendipity,

A destiny is sowed in that time line of emotional destinations

What you feel is what you get

What you do is what you should never forget

They say that everything is made to be broken.

You should beg to differ.


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