Rock My Way

Seriously,who bothers if you had a fairly good week.I do.Especially if it’s my week.The surest conclusion I’ve derived from the whole of last week is this.If football is back in my life,everything else will fall into place.They say,normality creeps in.My whole of last week had the word “footie” plastered all over.

Consider this:

1.I bought a pair of NIKE Tiempos,(eventhough I have a pair of Adidas Telstar sitting at home.)My rationale for getting a new pair is simple.I needed it.(aka,I wanted it).The sickening thing is that I realize now that I could have gotten it at at even better bargain over at Peninsula Plaza.Well,I’m not crying over it.I’m getting NIKE Super Ligeira next month.At $110 per pair,it’s the bargain of the century.

2.Received a call from a team asking for my availability to play with the team in the ESPZEN league.Fact is I don’t even care about the call.I was just pleasantly surprised that I received the call.Because my theory was proven right.I had placed my “credentials” on the site,in that faint hope that someone might take notice.Well,someone did,apparently.Goes to show that humanistic nature of people believing in that thing called,reputation.Heck,they do not know I’ve got a creaked right knee.

3.Resumed my weekly kickabout with Stamford over at Marina.What a joy to be just caressing the ball with old mates,and then capping off the night with a cup of hot tea.Shiok to the max.Best things in life come in small packages.The kickabout helped in preparing me for the then,upcoming Sunday game.

4.Climaxing the week,with a well deserving win,with my Redbacks team.The joy was intensified with the small fact that yours truly,opened his scoring account.The small pleasant surprise was on being given the role of an attacking midfielder in a 5 midfield outfit lineup.It feels good to have come out of the game unscathed.In a team abundant with a flourish of attacking minded players,it did not really mattered actually,how the midfielders lined up.In my perspective,each and every of the players on that Sunday,had the fluidity in movement.New inclusions in the team were a welcoming add ons.They gave a different dimension to the array of options.I was just pleased and happy that people like Nordin has made a committed comeback.It’s things like these that makes sessions appealing.I believe a comment made by Ayyub when his brother opened his scoring account,summed up the evening.”Another 29 to go!”in reference to his brother’s goals of 30 goals this season.It highlighted  a sense of optimism and goodwill.

I’m not yet that pleased with my boots.(NIKE Tiempo).I could not get the needed lift in executing lofted passes.The front of the boots were designed to not do that.Shucks.Crisp grounded passes are Timpo’s niche.Need to work on with that boots to make it “seasoned”.


I had a queer dream last night.Gripped me so tightly that I wish I had not dream of it.It felt so real.So believable.The God damned Devils must have had a field day,toying with me.2 years on,and still I dream of her.

It dawned on me today about an aspect of life,we perhaps overlook.It’s because the dynamic behind it are so subtle.I had a motivational workshop earlier in the morning.I switched my mind off for the most part of it,but what caught my attention was a simple explanation done by the trainer.

She said…that Life encompasses only three aspects/stages/facets.

1. Past.

2. Present.

3. Future.

Duh.Big deal.

…but she continued on something that made sense.Absolute sense.

She said that we have all been conditioned to believe as a natural transition that everything in our lives,that we want to achieve in the future,can only be affected by the things we do now in the present.For example.If we plan on having a relationship in the future,we believe that we must start dating/searching now in the present time to realize that.


Do we realize that the space in our future has already been taken up,by a lot of things from the past?Experiences,good and bad have occupied that imaginary space in our future,that often than not,there is no more space for the future to be filled up with.Rationally it may sound absurd,but I veer to that analogy.As humans,I believe in that capacity called limited experiential events.What I am trying to highlight that,there is only so much a human can access in their interpretations of life at any given moment.Don’t believe me?Try accessing the following scenarios at the same time,

1. When you had your first girlfriend.

2.When you broke off.

3.When you found another one.

…and other examples.Try going through those experiences all at once,in your frame of memories.You can’t right?You had to forget about one,briefly,whilst recalling another.That’s the  order of deciphering your memories.What if the order of creating your future is also the same.

You have to empty the future canisters,from the gases of the past,to fill it in with present air.

In laymen terms…clear/zero your past perceptions from your future assumptions so that you can effect present stimulations.

It may not hold true for some of you.

At the end of the day,I know that sometimes I stumble on that little rocks of memories as I continue on my journey of life.I have to pick myself up,pick the rocks and cast it aside.Away from my path.It’s a never ending task.But sometimes…just sometimes,I pick that rock and place it in my pockets.I do not know why I do it.But maybe,just maybe,I might need that rock in the future.


One thought on “Rock My Way

  1. Congratulations on the goal dude. It was a true reminiscent of your best days. Every game we get through without incident is a blessing of its own. Like you, I have missed being in the mix with a football and some good friends. Let’s look to a productive and enjoyable season ahead.

    If you smmmeeeeeeellllll what The Rock is cooking!!!!

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