The Garment of Change

I just finished watching myself on television.It’s hard to believe but all praise to Allah that my wish of being able to be on live tv,with my bro Kai came by eventually.14 years ago,as scrawny teenagers that we were,appearing on television would have been a notion out of a Star Wars theory.But,by the great grace of magical opportunities,a chance came by.I believe that we,made good account of our brief moments of limelight.I was just cracking with laughter noting how Kai’s appearance was littered with scratching of his head,a mixture of Singlish and Malay and his self calling manner of making statements,like for example,”Khairil believe investments are good now…blah…Khairil feel…blah”.And how his certificates and family pictures got involved in the context of investments,beats the hell out of me.Hahahaha.(Even a fellow Facebooker commented on his certificate)But my thoughts were just on that idea that someway or somehow,a set of parents will be saying out loud to their daughter,

“Kan bagus kalau kau kahwin dengan lelaki macam ni.Dahlah cikgu,muka keluarga pun nampak keluarga baik.Ada diploma pulak tu.Muda-muda macam gini dah ada wawasan nak invest.Bagus budak macan gini.Asal la kau masih nak dengar jantan tak guna kau tu ah…”

Loose translation,“How I wish you’ll be married off to this kind of man.A teacher by profession with good family upbringing by the looks of it.To make it better,he has a diploma.At such a young age,he already has the foresight of starting his investments.Blessed child.Why are you still with that one hell of a useless guy as a boyfriend…”

I prefer the Malay version.It sounds crude.

If somehow,the cameo on tv gets him hitched,he only has me to thank.(evil laugh)

Earlier in the day,I text my clients and friends with regards to the show.I was thinking hard as to whether I should,lest I be thought off as arrogant.But then that inner  conscious just told me that I should,as a mean of goodwill in sharing knowledge.The fact is,over the past few days of appointments,I begin to understand a facet of the community.The ignorant facet that is.As some might know,I’m a keen campaigner for sound financial planning.The program that I’m compiling with regards to Islamic Wealth Management has been getting mixed responses.From the believer to the skeptical.But I don’t blame them.Converting beliefs is a thankless job.Our Prophet knows best.People just do not understand that my job,is a fardhu kifayah.If people like myself,in my career,do not do the job we do,the sin of ignorance will befall the community at large.The same with any other self respecting,specialized job.Teachers,researchers,police,nurses and so forth.Our community do not understand that.At least for the majority that is.If a community holds that eternal belief of being exploited,cheated and aggravated,then the whole saga will never end.

I agree with a discussion I had with a mosque official the other day.A Malay cultural group based in Community Centers are more keen at practicing “tarian” and “dikir barat”,then to invest in self upgrading sessions.Whilst the other communities,as quoted,will leverage on the assistance of a community center to upgrade their members knowledge and skill wise,b organizing courses and workshop.

I was watching some exhibits over at Assyakirin mosque a bit earlier with regards to Islamic developments.I was in awe and at the same time stupefied.I discovered that “Braille”(the reading system for the blind”,was pioneered and created by a Muslim.Apparently not Braille.There were many achievements worthy of mention here but I’ll leave you to discover.There is a reason why the Western world were once associated with the Dark Ages.I appreciate history so much better now.Islam glorifies a community and race.If only…

I was telling my colleagues the other day,that if I were to share the knowledge of an Islamic’s perspective of financial planning to non Muslims,I’ll probably be paid well just to share the knowledge.But here I’m offering it to our community at no cost,yet I’m received with scorn.Heh.

But,the power of change can be initiated but not decided by my good self.The responsibility still falls on the respective individual.Yes I do question the validity of my thoughts and efforts.But at the end of the day,I’ll always ask if I want to be either of these two,

1.Informer or


…I’ve had enough of Transformer,thank you.

The paradox is that the more we inform the masses,the more clueless they become.I blame the influx of unnecessary info,such as why I killed Ultraman,to be the reason for this.

Reaching the age of 30,I can classify life as…

0-10 years – clueless

11-16 years – restless

17-21 years – aimless

22-25 years – hopeless

25-30 years – pointless to regret what happened for the past 25 years that is.Move on.

Our community is at large a victim of self sabotage.It’s like if someone gives them a light,as a lead,they’ll blow it out.That’s why being prominent in the community is the best reason for exploitation.Then there are those that when given a light,will use that light to burn themselves to the ground.An example will be fashion trends,drug addictions and cliques.They call it a way of life.They will adopt an extreme view of philosophies and fashion it into lifestyles.Then there are of course those who do not know what a light is.This is the worst lot.Basically,light is knowledge.

Oh well,who am I to say.We have a host of able Malay Muslim bodies doing what they do best.(making sure other cultures and faith understand us)

At the end of the day,no matter what the stigma is,I still believe there is hope.I don’t really care if I cannot change the world.As long as I can change the corner by which I am at,I’m happy.It’s just like how if you cannot change others,you just change yourself.

It ties in with that verse,that God will not change your fate unless you change it yourself.Wise and prophetic advise.Tell me again why I’m listening to motivational tapes?Heeeeeee.

“O my Lord,bless my vision and aspirations.Bless and ease the efforts I am willing to venture forth on.Guide me with the righteousness of your blessings.Amin”


3 thoughts on “The Garment of Change

  1. I was trying to be the Rock dude..

    “The Rock thinks that people should accept reality and undesrstand that shit happens..”

    Yeah, I was cracked up at you too. So professional, so dignified, so proper. If only people knew what type of dude you are. Wahaha.. Thanks for providing the opportunity.. I appreciate it..

    I do hope my “shares” go up from this moment on! 😉

  2. “0-10 years – clueless

    11-16 years – restless

    17-21 years – aimless

    22-25 years – hopeless”

    lol… how apt.

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