Play It!

Finally a real phone.
Finally a real phone.

I finally got my hands on a new phone after a tormenting period of using my China manufactured phone for over 4 months.First mistake I made was to sell my Nokia 6300.Second mistake was to think that I need a PDA kinda phone.Third mistake was to imagine how using a stylus or touch screen will help.Last mistake was to get that wretched,non signal receiving phone.I hereby swear off any China version of anything and everything.And that includes XBOX or PS3 if they ever manage to clone one.And touch screen is a unique feature that I am not keen to explore.IPhone no longer appeals to me.I’ve had enough of touching anything.

I’ve still yet to catch SAW 5.Urrrrrrrrgh!

Downloaded a beautiful song awhile ago.Titled “Last Flight Out” by that now defunct gospel boy band,Plus One.Still recall how I used to blast that song every single morning and night in my bunk whilst serving my recruit days.My bunk mates had to hide the radio,before I continued bursting their ear drums.I was in love back then and the song kinda heightened the plethora of unbridled emotions.

I’ll be presenting a 20 minutes presentation to the National Football team over at Amara Hotel next Monday,and I’ve yet to prepare the slides.I just realized and formulated a program in which wealth management is very much like soccer management.The clients are the managers and financial planners like myself are the second hand man/head coaches like Carlos Queiroz.And your financial products are very much like your players.Let me illustrate,

Goalkeeper : Term Insurance

Central Defender ( 1 ) : Critical Illness Insurance

Central Defender ( 2 ) : Total & Permanent Disability Insurance

Left Defender : Hospital & Medical Insurance

Right Defender : Personal Accident Insurance

Central Midfielder ( 1 ) : Short / Long Term Endowment

Central Midfielder ( 2 ) : Whole Life

Left Midfielder : Regular Investment Linked Product

Right Midfielder : Single Investment Linked Product

Striker ( 1 ) : Unit Trusts / Stocks

Striker ( 2 ) : Annuity

Reserves : Home Mortgage , Company Employee Benefits , CPF , Traditional Savings , Others

In essence if I were to be asked what is my financial tactics,I’ll say that it is a 4-4-2.Like players,every product has its worth and prices.My job as a wealth consultant is to advise you on the players performances and benefits it may bring to your financial tactics.Ultimately,as the manager you still have to decide how much to allocate for that player/product.If your financial life is a game,what is your tactic?That’s my question.Selection of the needed player/product is crucial,and will also influence if you can play your financial game well enough to win it finally.Now I need a name for this wealth program.Anyone?


2 thoughts on “Play It!

  1. Wow.. great opportunity there bro… All the best in your presentation… As for the name, maybe you can use something generic.. like the Dream Team or something.. I dunno… Hahaha…

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